Purchasing power: the National Assembly votes to facilitate profit-sharing agreements

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Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt praised a “simplification” and “facilitation” mechanism for “sharing value” within the company.

The National Assembly voted Tuesday night to ease profit-sharing deals at companies, a move criticized by the leftist Nupes coalition, during the still-slow review of the purchasing power bill.

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The debates lengthened around this third article, whose main objective is to promote incentive systems (bonuses linked to company results) in small companies with fewer than 50 employees. It was approved on first reading, by a vote of 288 to 90, before the bill was considered in the Senate.

Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt praised a “simplification” and “facilitation” mechanism for “sharing value” within the company.

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Profit-sharing agreements “are still very little implemented” in companies with fewer than 50 employees, stressed LREM deputy Astrid Panosyan-Bouvet.

A “subterfuge offered to bosses”

To develop them, the article allows a system of profit sharing by “unilateral decision” of the owners of these small businesses in the absence of institutions representing the staff or in the event of failure of negotiations, when the company is not covered. by an approved branch agreement that provides for a profit-sharing plan.

The text also proposes, more generally, to extend the duration of profit-sharing agreements from three to five years.

LFI, environmentalist and communist deputies rejected the article en bloc, demanding wage increases instead of bonuses.

“It is a complete decoy”, a “subterfuge offered to the bosses to once again avoid any real increase in wages”, noted LFI Aurélie Trouvé.

The communist Pierre Dharréville saw in it a “liberal logic” of deregulation.

Several hundred amendments still to be considered

“The salary will remain the same. How can an employee be precarious by earning more?” replied MoDem Erwan Balanant. In Horizons, also in the presidential majority, Vincent Thiébaut criticized the left-wing coalition Nupes for its “total ignorance of the business world”.

“We know the business world, but unlike you, we talk more with employees than with bosses,” replied Insoumis Antoine Léaument. LR Thibault Bazin judged for his part that the measure goes “in the right direction”, despite the persistent “brakes” for small businesses.

There were 410 amendments left to be considered on this bill at the end of the vote, with a timetable that risks being further disrupted.

Author: HG with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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