Spielberg made the first music video of his career, and it was with his phone in one take

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Spielberg made the first music video of his career, and it was with his phone in one take

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Steven Spielberg complete with Marcus Mumford.

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With a 58-year career in the world of cinema, Steven Spielberg I had never done a video clip, despite having many famous musicians as friends.

Now he did it for the first time Marco Mumfordleader of the successful British group Mumford & Sons, which has now released his first solo album.

The unusual thing is that Spielberg directed and recorded his first video clip one shot and using only your mobile. The whole thing was filmed in a high school gym in New York.

Mumford, Spielberg and the whole team.

Mumford, Spielberg and the whole team.

This is the music video of cannibalthe latest single from Mumford, who spread the news through his official Instagram and Twitter account.

The tweet read: “On Sunday, July 3, in a New York high school gymnasium, Steven Spielberg directed his first music video, in one take, on his phone.” Mumford also posted several photos from the shoot.

More details

The musician Marcus Mumford.

The musician Marcus Mumford.

Similarly, Mumford put the spec sheet on YouTube, where he explained that Spielberg’s actress and wife Kate Capshaw was in charge of production and art direction, while her partner, British actress Carey Mulligan (The Great Gatsby2013) was responsible for the costumes and sound of the video clip.

In one of the photos, Capshaw appears pushing a wheelchair where Spielberg is sitting with his cellphone.

“I am overwhelmed by the support of the people around me for the release of the music, I cannot express my gratitude in words (…) Kate and Steven have upset me, I cannot thank them enough,” he concluded. Twitter thread.

Marcus Mumford, a member of the band Mumford & Sons, has released Cannibal as a preview of a record due out on September 17th. As he recounted in another message on his networks about him, “I made the song in January last year, facing the demons I danced with for a long time in isolation.”

For his part, Spielberg will return to the big screen with a semi-autobiographical feature film about his childhood in the state of Arizona, which is scheduled to premiere on November 24, Thanksgiving in the United States.

That 2016 visit

The cover of the

The cover of the album “Babel”, by Mumford & Sons, presented live in Argentina several years later.

Mumford & Sons was in Argentina during the 2016 Lollapalooza festival, where he said both he and bassist Winston Marshall were ultra fans of Manchester United and the Argentines who passed through there. Since last, Di Maria, Winston has had the team shirt with his name on the back.

The British quartet has a very loyal following, even far from their country, and they appreciate it. “We love going on tour; It’s crazy we haven’t gone to South America yet. We love going to see groups in the new places we visit. We’ve been a band longer than the Beatles, but we’ve only made three albums. They, on the other hand, have made three albums a year, but haven’t toured, “says Winston.

According to Marcus, they try to stay away from the Internet. “The internet is a dangerous place,” he says. It is not in their spirit to talk about anything other than the music they are passionate about and the places that inspire them.


Source: Clarin

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