Record auction at the Rural Show: nearly $ 20 million was paid for half a Braford heifer

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Record auction at the Rural Show: nearly $ 20 million was paid for half a Braford heifer

The Grand Champion Female set the maximum price for the Brafords.

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Not everything is a show at the Rural Exhibition, Palermo is also a strategic place for business, and many of them are realized in the breeding auctions carried out by each breed, where reference values ​​are established for the entire country.

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Last night at traditional dinner at the Braford auctionsome of the best bulls and cows of the breed have achieved exceptional prices that speak of a promising horizon for the business.

Specifically, six bulls were sold at an average price of 4,250,000 pesos, with a maximum of 10,000,000 million for 50 percent of the Grand Championpaid by the CIALE Alta genetic center, a minimum of $ 800,000.

In addition, half of a calf was sold for 7,200,000 pesos, a cow for 3,200,000 pesos and six heifers for an average value of 4,620,000 pesos, of which the maximum was 19,200,000 pesos for fifty percent of the Great Female Championsold by the El Estribo hut, from Corrientes, to Pedro Salles (Brazil) and Martin Battaglia, from El Guayabo (Chaco).

The Champions

This Monday the oath of the different cattle breeds began in the Rural Exhibition, which will take place until Sunday 31. In the Braford breed, the jury Alejandro Lauret has crowned two breeders Grand Champion Female and Male for the first time.

the cucarda of Grand Male Champion It was for “Erudito”, a bull less than 2 years old that belongs to the Los Guasunchos herd, located in Las Margaritas, Santa Fe, and which belongs to Gregorio, Numo and Noel Werthein SA. “Erudito” is an exemplary son of the famous Expert, who was the most important sire of the breed in countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.

Meanwhile, the cucarda of Great female champion It was for box 984, which belongs to the El Estribo cabin, located in Mercedes, Corrientes.

Alejandro Lauret, jury of the Braford competition and owner of the La Dominga cabin, highlighted before announcing to the Great Champion that they were “good butcher” animals and that it generated “admiration” for what was seen on the central court of Palermo. And he highlighted the investment in the genetics of all the cabins.

Source: Clarin

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