Passarella’s family clarified how the health conditions of the world champion are in 1978

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Passarella's family clarified how the health conditions of the world champion are in 1978

Daniel Pasarella would come out of a depression.

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For a long time little was known Daniele Passarella. Away from the technical direction, with 69 years of age on May 25, his name caused a sensation again this week, based on rumors about his health.

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Due to this situation, his family provided a statement in which he clarified his current status and to which he accepted. Clarione.

“Daniel’s wife and son Alberto Passarella, given the proliferation of various news regarding Daniel’s health, in which various diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or ALS are mentioned, come to deny them and affirm that Daniel is only going through a state of sadness with signs of depression following the situation experienced during the pandemic “, begins the writing, distributed by his lawyer, Marcelo Vázquez Aguiar.

“The circumstances of being away from his friends and his usual business, coupled with his deafness problem which helped isolate him much more, have sporadically damaged his mood,” To follow.

He has the unconditional support of his family for his speedy recovery. We ask the media not to further harm Daniel and our family with uncorroborated news ”. hill.

As this newspaper might find out, Passarella wants to direct. A month ago he was contacted by the Municipality of Guatemala. “He told me: ‘come with me if I solve’. But in the end they didn’t agree on the economic part. Daniel is fine, he too was the one who talked to the Central American leaders, “said Héctor Pitarch, his aide-de-camp.

“You can forget something like any person who is about to turn 70”, entrusted to Clarione a person very close to his environment. He even drives his car to Chacabuco every time he goes to his hometown. “Nobody takes the wheel away “, added the friend.

Passarella worked until last year with Fito Salume, a Salvadoran businessman, owner of the World Talent Group. The Buenos Aires office was run by the Kaiser. “I haven’t talked to him for a year, but he’s an extraordinary person. We terminated the contract due to the pandemic, “the agent said Clarione.

Source: Clarin

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