Auction of 10 properties without owners and in pesos: what you get from 5 million dollars

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Auction of 10 properties without owners and in pesos: what you get from 5 million dollars

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Real estate auctions without heirs.

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At the end of the monthcomes a new auction of properties without owners and in pesos. There are 10 departments of 1 to 3 environments, of vacant inheritance, which go up to the city bank on behalf and order of the general attorney of the city of Buenos Aires.

On August 31st, starting at 10 am, they will go to auction, online, 2 houses and 8 departments located in CABA. Interested parties can register until 29 August.

The properties put up for auction are located in the districts of San Nicolás, Mataderos, Versailles, Villa del Parque, Balvanera, Belgrano, Recoleta, Parque Chacabuco, Villa Lugano and Monserrat; and the values ​​fluctuaten between $ 5 and $ 27 millionincluding an apartment located in the building called French-style “House of Mirrors” on Moreno Street.

The banking institution continues with the online auction method, which was launched at the beginning of 2020 and allows greater dynamism in general real estate, reaching an effectiveness of more than 90% for properties offered in national currency, and greater than 50% for dollar units. Over the course of 2022, 16 properties are sold at auction for vacancies, for a total of $ 227,948,000.

“The aim is that these homes located in the Buenos Aires district can be sold through an agile mechanism that is open to the entire community,” says the City Bank in a statement. And he underlines: “As established by Law 52 of the CABA Legislative, A part of the funds obtained must be invested in public education “.

Between March and December, these auctions are held monthly throughout the year at the City Bank and interested parties can consult the digital platform ( The auction calendar, which is Present for items, with description, images and the base price of each lot.

Real estate auctions in pesos: one by one, what you get

  • Neighborhood of San Nicolás: Lavalle 1131/33 floor 2 “A”: A unique atmosphere in the ass. Kitchenette, kitchen and bathroom.
Department in Lavalle, in San Nicolás.

Department in Lavalle, in San Nicolás.

Base Price: $ 5,100,000.

  • Gregorio de la Ferrere 5681, Greater Buenos Aires: Construction on two floors and parking. Two adjoining bedrooms, bathroom and open kitchen, laundry room and patio. On the counter Frontal Workshop with mezzanine. In the upper room with balcony and terrace. Surface: land 231 m2; built; 187 sqm.
Gregorio de Laferrere 5681, Greater Buenos Aires

Gregorio de Laferrere 5681, Greater Buenos Aires

Base price: $ 26,130,000.

  • district of Versailles, Av. Alvarez Jonte 6193 Floor 1, Dto “5”: Two rooms, living room and bedroom, both with exit to the balcony, bathroom and kitchen. Total area: 41.62 m2.
Alvarez Jonte 6193, Versailles

Alvarez Jonte 6193, Versailles

Base price: $ 10,787,000.

  • Caballito district, Av. San Martín 4958/60 Floor 1, Dto “17”: Two rooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry, circulation passage with reduced internal dimensions, bedroom with plate and bathroom. Surface: 33.84 m2.
Av. San Martino 4958, Caballito

Av. San Martín 4958, Caballito

Base price: $ 6,968,000.

  • Balvanera district, Boulogne Sur Mer 973/75 Floor 5, “C”: An atmosphere: with a small kitchen, bathroom and a room with a window to the air and a bright patio. Surface: 27.73 m2.
Boulogne Sur Mer 973, Balvanera

Boulogne Sur Mer 973, Balvanera

Base price: $ 6,365,000.

  • north quarter, Arenales 2847/9 2nd apartment “A”: three environments. Living room, two bedrooms, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet and balcony. Surface: coverage 58.04 m2, semi-uncovered 1.20 m2, balcony 2.44 m2. Total: 61.68 m2.
Arenales 2847, North District

Arenales 2847, North District

Base price: $ 27,200,000.

district of the Chacabuco Park, Cachimayo 1195: house with four main rooms. With entrance, living room, kitchen with pantry, bathroom, garage and uncovered patio with grill. A staircase leads to the first level where there is a bedroom and leads to the terrace. On the second floor there are two bedrooms connected internally via a door. Surface: approx and land 128 m2 covering 99 m2.

Cachimayo, Chacabuco Park

Cachimayo, Chacabuco Park

Base Price: $ 24,488,500.

  • Mascias district, Border Soldier 5004/20, 11th floor, Department B.: four environments. It has an entrance, living-dining room, kitchen-lavadero, corridor, two bedrooms and bathroom. Surface: 51.26 m2.
Border soldier 5004/20, Mascías district.

Border soldier 5004/20, Mascías district.

Base price: $ 9,200,000.

  • Montserrat neighborhood, Moreno 1702/08/12 Solís corner P.7 ° Department “D”: 3 rooms in front of Calle Solís. Entrance, dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, utility room and balcony. Covered area: 53.35 m2. Balcony: 2.95 m2. Total: 56.30 square meters.
Moreno 1702/08/12, Barrio de Monserrat

Moreno 1702/08/12, Barrio de Monserrat

Base price: $ 16,080,000.

  • Belgrano district, Viceroy pine 1498 3 dto floor “L”: Three rooms with living-dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen, laundry, bathroom and bare roof designated with the number “8”. Surface: 61.82 m2.
Viceroy of Pino 1498, Belgrano

Viceroy of Pino 1498, Belgrano

Base price: $ 19,400,000.

How to participate

Pre-registration: Anyone interested in bidding You must register within 48 hours. expert at the start of the auction. Participation requires a Security deposit of 3%. of the base value of the property to be acquired (amount that will be fully refunded in the event of a non-bid or a non-winning bid, within 7 working days of the auction).

In addition, an address in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and an e-mail must be communicated, which will be valid without distinction for all legal purposes derived from this auction.

How the electronic offer develops: At the date and time indicated, the application of offers will begin through the portal ( Bids must only be made through the auction site.

Each bidder can make as many bids as you deem necessary until it is awarded or passed, during the duration of the public auction.

The same bidder can make several offers for the same good, always the greater value prevailing. All offers made are irrevocable and irrecoverable. Bids cannot be canceled and / or canceled in any case, being rejected only when they are exceeded by another bidder. During the procedure, bidders will be able to observe in real time the evolution of the offers made, by amount and position.

Each bid formulated in the tender must exceed the previous bid, either its own or that of another bidder, by an amount Not less than $ 10,000.

The online auction has a scheduled closing time.

In the event that an offer is made in the last ten (10) minutes before closing, the stopwatch will add another five (5) minutes so that all interested bidders have the opportunity to make new offers. This closing extension procedure will be performed by adding five (5) minutes each time a new bid is received, until no bidder exceeds which is of greater value.

Awarding: Subsequently, within 48 hours of the auction (immediately at the end the successful bidder receives an email with the notification of the award of the lot), the payment of 10% on the sale price in concept in concept of sign, and 3% corresponding to the commission plus VAT.

Once the same is received, the fundamental funds are returned as collateral. The total balance of the balance will be made within the terms that will take the timeframe of the deed that will be guided by the contract.

Steps to participate:

  • Those interested must have an electronic device such as tablet, notebook, PC, smartphone or similar with WiFi connection.
  • Registration as a user on, in “Login” (the credentials are the same as self-management).
  • Enter the auction of interest at 4. Read the conditions of sale.
  • Transfer the amount of the deposit that allows participation
  • .

Receipt of the authorization email to be able to offer.

Source: Clarin

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