Strengthening family allowances: when you buy, what are the amounts and who pays

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Strengthening family allowances: when you buy, what are the amounts and who pays

The reinforcement will be collected from the family group whose income does not exceed $ 131,208 per month. photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adami – FTP CLARIN

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The Government has formalized the monthly strengthening of family allowances received by the lowest income sectors, and which ones it will take them to a minimum of $ 20,000 for three months.

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The monthly supplement will be paid to workers who provide paid services as an employee in public or private national activity, as well as to temporary workers and those who perform intermittent duties, and to holders of unemployment benefit, provided the family group income does not exceed $ 131,208 per month.

The amount will be paid for each son and daughter, in the months of September, October and November and will consist of a fixed sum unprofitable equivalent to the amount needed to reach the $ 20,000 sumincluding the overall value of the assignment, which ranges from $ 8,471 to $ 18,270 for the first income bracket.

The measure will reach more than one million familiesaccording to the executive director of the National Social Security Administration (ANSeS), Fernanda Raverta, last week when she announced the measure together with the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.

With the 15.53% increase – according to the Pensioners’ Mobility Act -, which Massa and Raverta confirmed last month and which will come into force this month, the general value of the Child Family Allowance rises to $ 8,751. , according to resolution 202/2022 published in the Official Gazette.

In this way, and to reach those $ 20,000 of the extra that the government has arranged, the beneficiaries of the checks will receive a bonus of $ 11,249 for each child.

Family allowance: who is paid with a surcharge

  • Employees in dependency relationships.
  • People who collect through an occupational risk insurer.
  • Single-tax workers.
  • People receiving unemployment benefit.
  • People who collect the South Atlantic War Veterans Honorary Pension.
  • Persons receiving a Non-Contributing Disability Pension or Transplant Allowance.

When is the reinforcement of the family allowance charged?

As of Thursday and through the 21st of this month, 1.1 million workers have signed up for Income by Family Group (IGF).

Meanwhile, IGF registered workers over $ 131,000 will only receive the Family Allowance with the 15.53% mobility increase.

Nationally, the increase for male and female workers is distributed as follows: $ 4.44.820 workers correspond to the province of Buenos Aires; 97,791 in Cordoba; 93,777 in Santa Fe; 57,698 in Mendoza; 54,462 in Tucumán; 47,784 to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; 40,365 in Misiones; 39,901 in Salta; 33,170 in Entre Ríos; 32,561 in Corrientes; 25,663 in Chaco; 25,594 in San Juan; 24,744 in Santiago del Estero; 18,858 at the Rio Negro; 18,310 in Jujuy; 16,317 Chubut; 12,737 in Neuquén; 12.002 in Saint Louis; 9781 in Formosa; 8970 in La Rioja; 8065 for Santa Cruz; 8020 for La Pampa; 7947 in Catamarca and 5524 in Tierra del Fuego.

Payment schedule

  • DNI ending with 0: Thursday 8th September
  • DNI ending with 1: Friday 9 September
  • DNI ending with 2: Monday 12 September
  • DNI ending with 3: Tuesday 13 September
  • DNI ending with 4: Wednesday 14 September
  • DNI ending with 5: Thursday 15 September
  • DNI ending with 6: Friday 16 September
  • DNI ending with 7: Monday 19 September
  • DNI finished in 8: Tuesday 20 September
  • DNI finished in 9: Wednesday 21st September


Source: Clarin

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