Tariff subscription and dollar: how is the procedure for waiving state aid and being able to buy US $ 200 per month

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Tariff subscription and dollar: how is the procedure for waiving state aid and being able to buy US $ 200 per month

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Tariff segmentation began on 1 September.

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As anticipated, the Central Bank has closed the possibility of acquiring the savings share in dollars of $ 200 per month to those who receive subsidies for public services. The measure seeks close the gearbox more the need to take care of reserves. And there are rumors that there may be more changes, this time related to the tourist dollar.

The rule that was officially unveiled on Thursday goes beyond what was initially estimated and, according to official sources, the people who applied for the grants In addition, they will not be able to acquire shares in dollars (MEP) or cash with settlement (CCL)that is, the financial dollars that are managed through the purchase and sale of bonds on the financial market.

Until now, there are already 75,000 users who had enrolled in the Energy Subsidies Access Register (RASE) to continue receiving state aid to pay the bill but who, knowing that the government would exclude them from the quota, they abandoned. The number is growing day by day.

Segmentation into three groups for the removal of light and gas aids entered into force on 1 September, even if all the resolutions necessary for the changes to become effective are being completed recently. Here because there are doubts on the fact that the October bill of those who will lose the benefits (Tier 1, the highest income) will arrive with all the expected increases.

Level 2 users will keep subsidies in full. And those of level 3 will keep the aid but only up to a certain consumption limit.

How to waive tariff subsidies

To cancel the request for electricity, gas and water, You must register with the Energy Subsidies Access Register (RASE). In the second scroll there are the options:

  • Complete the shape Y Edit or delete the request.
  • then go to the section “Modify or cancel the request”.
  • Next you will need to enter the management number and the DNI that was obtained when the grant was applied for.
  • Finally, the system will give the option to delete the registration.

A few weeks ago, Agustín D’Attellis, director of the Central Bank, said that there would be other changes between those who can and those who cannot buy the monthly fee of $ 200.

The idea, for example, was to allow those who once received a salary (even if only one) to buy through the ATPthe business and worker assistance program that was in place during the isolation due to the pandemic in 2020. But this change has not yet materialized.


Source: Clarin

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