They fire all employees who have blocked a dairy: “The relationship is broken”

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They fire all employees who have blocked a dairy:
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The desperate request of the owner of a company to Carlos Casares blocked by a union.

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Lácteos Vidal sent the dismissal telegram to 29 workers who participated in the blockades – in collaboration with the Atilra union – to the factory located in the city of Moctezuma, district of the city of Carlos Casares in Buenos Aires.

“We fired those who blocked us more than 60 days ago and are colluding with the Union to unite us. Our priority is the well-being of the guys who are working“said Alejandra Bada, head of the company affected by the blockades, a Rural Clarino.

“The relationship with these people is broken. They shut down our company, working with the union to merge us. They threatened our colleagues, they ignored them, so trust was completely lost“, he assured.

“We process milk, which are food products that reach the final consumer and these people who were blocking us can no longer manipulate our products,” added the entrepreneur.

The point of conflict that led to the shutdown of the factory was in mid-July with the union’s request to reclassify fourteen employees. On 20 July the compulsory conciliation was enacted and the activities in the factory were resumed with a “crisis” operation since, anticipating new complications with the union, production was not completely reactivated. But on 11 August, with the expiry of the provision, Atilra again blocked the institute until a few days ago.

Bada reported that the company’s situation is very delicate due to the blockades. “Because there are already a lot of products that we haven’t had for a long time and we couldn’t sell them.”

Our intention is to continue for all the guys who are workingThey are for the people who depend a lot on this factory, “said the entrepreneur, adding that she has already hired 10 new employees.

“The union will be responsible for the damage caused to the company, for the losses we are suffering as a result of this ferocious attack,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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