Luck Ra cried as he remembered “the worst moment” of his life: “The first song I got on with would be the last”

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Juan Facundo Almenara, better known as Luck Ra, cried this Saturday night on television when he reviewed what he called “the worst time” of his life. The beggar from Cordoba revealed that there was a time when “Had no direction” and said, “The first song that I got really good with would be the last song of my life.”

“I would have liked to take a picture of myself at the worst time of my life. I didn’t like my job or what I was studying. I never had a lot of friends because it always cost me a lot to make friends and fit in,” he began his review in “PH: We can talk.”

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During the section where guests have to hang a photo “on the tree” with some important moments of their life. Luck Ra added: “It was a time when me too what he loved most was gone that they were my band and my music, which was the only reason to really stay alive.

Tears have invaded him practically from the beginning of his story. And despite the fact that he made it clear She hadn’t cried for a long time, she couldn’t help it.

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“I wish there was a picture of me crying lying in my house as it was. In the end, the only one who believed in me was me. I don’t know if there’s anyone who really trusts me, if I’m going to get anything. But I’m here, and I’ve always been my only company, “said the 22-year-old musician.

In any case, beyond that statement, he appreciated the presence of his mother and his best friend, and remembered a particular situation with him that marked him forever.

“I remember a hug with my best friend, who was crying,” he said. And he added, “He said ‘later I don’t get music anymore, I don’t get anything else, it’s my last hit.'”

The economic situation was pressing and, beyond his emotional crisis, that was an obstacle that became increasingly difficult to overcome. “It was hard for me to save money to go to a good studio or make a good video, and it’s not even that my family had a lot of money enough to waste it on video, “he said.

Luck Ra: “Life has begun to smile at me”

Luck Ra then returned to that hug with his friend and stressed the importance of his words. “She assured me it would be okay, and from what would be the last topic, life began to smile at me,” he recalled.

“That’s why I would like to have a picture of the worst moment of my life and say ‘look where you are and where you can go, because things don’t even end with sticks'”, concluded the Cordovan.

Then he insisted on being surprised by the cry he couldn’t contain: “I am a stone, That’s why when I cry I’m like a stone. That’s why I’m like ‘what happened to me?’ ”.

Andy Kusnetzoff, the host of the broadcast program Phoneshe shook his hand and encouraged him to hang the photo, in front of the complicit gaze of Ricky Maravilla, Luciano Cáceres, Pía Slapka and Dani La Chepi, the rest of the guests.

A little over a year ago, Luck Ra was chosen to sing along with Jimena Barón the song “The Champion”, in homage to the Argentine team that won the Copa América 2021, after a match for the Qualifiers against Bolivia at the Monumental stadium.


Source: Clarin

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