Telefe won the September rating and has been at the forefront for almost five years: what have been the most viewed programs

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As has happened in recent years, Telefe has reconfirmed its leadership in open television, maintaining the rating for the month of September.

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The channel has won all three time slots and It was imposed both from Monday to Sunday and from Monday to Friday.

According to data provided by Kantar Ibope Media, the channel directed by Guillermo Pendino In September, it achieved an average rating of 8.2 points..

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In this way it managed to position itself, with a difference of 2.3 points on its direct competitor, Eltrece, who obtained a score of 5.9 points from Monday to Sunday.

On the other hand, the absolute podium It was completed as follows: América was in third place with 2.0 points, while El Nueve was fourth with 1.9 points. Public TV came in fifth with an average of 0.6, followed by Net TV with 0.3 points and finally, behind last place, Bravo TV with 0.2 points.

Most viewed programs

The most watched on the last day of September was the news Telefe news which achieved a rating of 10.4 points, achieving the highest average of the last week.

The podium of the five most followed of the day was completed with the Turkish soap opera Zuleyha, which scored 9.7, in second place, also on Telefe. In the third, the cycle was identified MDQ 2022by the Weinbaum brothers, by Eltrece, with 8.7.

Fourth place for another Turkish telenovela by Telefe, Dream about youwhich reached 8.4 and closed The 8 million stepsled by Guido Kaczka, for Eltrece with 8.3 points.

figures in detail

As for the more detailed measurements, Telefe measured 8.7 points when it comes to ignition from Monday to Friday and won by 2.3 points over Eltrece, who scored 6.4 points in second place. Always, in the three time slots.

Third place, during the ninth month of the year, went to América with 2.3 points, which managed to win by just 1 tenth over El Nueve, which reached 2.2 points. Fifth place went to Public TV with 0.5 points, followed by Net TV with 0.3 points and the last Bravo TV with 0.2 points.

Meanwhile, in the most coveted and fought time slot of the small screen, such as early evening from Monday to FridayTelefe also maintained its leading position with 1.9 points over Eltrece, its most direct competition.

Interestingly, with the numbers obtained in September, Telefe managed to maintain its leadership, accumulating no less than 57 consecutive months as the most watched channel on open television.

Also according to the source Kantar Ibope Media, which measures the television audience, in the ninth month of the year, at the same time, it recorded a drop in ignitiondistributed across the seven air channels in general compared to August 2022.

The numbers indicate that the accumulated ignition of the seven air channels in September 2022 was 18.9 points, while the previous month, August, had recorded 1.0 points above that average.

On the other hand, the numbers that compare the same month of September compared to September 2021, also recorded a decrease in television starts, with 2.4 points less than last year.

All of this indicates that the ignition reached in September is the lowest in the last six months.

The ratings on Friday 30th maintained the trend of the previous weeks in which the entertainment programs, both Telefe and Eltrece, saw their averages drop dramatically.


Source: Clarin

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