Home Entertainment Daddy Yankee made his fans dance in Vélez under a shower of fireworks: is he really retiring?

Daddy Yankee made his fans dance in Vélez under a shower of fireworks: is he really retiring?

Daddy Yankee made his fans dance in Vélez under a shower of fireworks: is he really retiring?

the Puerto Rican Raymond Luis Ayala, known as Daddy Yankee (46), one of the major referents of reggaeton of the entire continent, and one of its precursors, brought the World tour of the last lap in what he said, it will be his farewell to the stage after nearly 33 years of career in music.

In front of an overflowing Vélez stadium, he reviewed all his hits and presented some songs from his latest production: Legendarythe seventh album of his impressive career.

We will start with a basic and elementary differentiation of what is known as a “stage recital”. We think there are three large columns. The first could be a recital of “pure and hard music”, as the Spaniards say. For example, what Bob Dylan offered in this same stadium on March 15, 2008. Zero artifice, music, stick and bag. We could put the second variant by title “Music and entertainment”.

A mix like the one offered here by the British by Iron Maiden, 12 October 2019. Music, prop fire, thunderous bombs and the monster Eddie included.

And finally those recitals they’re made of “pure show”, which includes huge panoramic screens, fireworks, dance groups, elaborate sets, blow-up dolls and smoke. A lot of smoke This is where Daddy Yankee parked his busted car. Two hours of reggaeton which had perhaps the greatest protagonist of him in the audience. Something that isn’t that hard to achieve these days.

Let’s now make a parenthesis. Necessary to understand a mass phenomenon that in recent months has been replicating itself with the overwhelming power of a tsunami. The post-pandemic planetary landscape (and that’s just in case the Covid pandemic is over, which scientists categorically dismiss) appears to have entered an explosive hysterical trance.

We all desperately took to the streetswe all exceed the capacity of bars, pubs, restaurants, still lifes, cinemas, theaters, soccer fields, shopping centers and recitals.

A virulent and uncontrollable human tide in which the only thing, it seems, is to show others that we are alive. To do this we run here and there like ants fleeing from a crumbled anthill. We hit each other, we hug each other, we get violent, we attack each other, we laugh at whatever it is, we cry for whatever happens and we scream a lot. We have to scream as loud as possible to be seen.

And of course show it on the networks. And so everyone happy then. And nothing happens. And everything is fine. Everything is alright?. In short, a task for psychologists and sociologists.

This is why that sea of ​​talking heads that reached Vélez (tonight will be the second and last show) was the real protagonist. You had to dance, jump and shout as loud as possible.

The Cangri as they call dad (in Puerto Rican slang that word refers to aa strong man, important, leader), quick as lightning, skillfully used those overflowing psyches to turn them into spectacle. And that same audience, that tickets paid between 18 thousand and 35 thousand pesos (they were between 7 and 14 thousand in April, before hyperinflation) he went home happy enough until the next stampede.

Organization to get in was lacking. The Federal Police accused the Tech security agency of sloppiness (a police sergeant, glued to this journalist, trying to contain the angry mass that had not yet managed to enter the second issue, complained: “in the end it ends always to do dirty work. “(” Well, sir, I would have studied, “said Charly).

The Tech guys apologized claiming that in order not to happen we would all have to go to the stadium … at four in the afternoon! (“Well sir, it should be a recital, not a camping trip with Dad!”).

That legion of security personnel who seemed to enjoy confusing people even more and sending them to any door but the corresponding one, failed to overshadow the party.

And look what they felt, right? (“What happens is that everyone comes in here with a QR entry, and the system has crashed, the turnstiles are slow for that reason,” said another security officer. (“Well sir, the system crashed long ago and you’re all in one piece! … “)

After the act of support of El Osito Wito, silver referent of reggaeton who took the opportunity to present the songs from his first album, “El Maquinón”, Daddy Yankee came out, as they say on the pitch, to put all the meat on the grill of the first song. What wasn’t that much, what was partly overcooked?

It may be, but nobody cared too much. The point was to jump, scream and feel alive. Sometimes, thanks to the work of lights and fireworks, and the twerking of the dancers, the recital was very similar to a 15-year-old party, but obviously with 40,000 guests. Did they want a party? Well, they had a party.

Because the Yankee show goes to the bone. What the music doesn’t achieve, visualization will achieve. That means: a body of dancers twerking during the two hours that the recital lasted.


Wisps of fire that leave the stage and rise to the sky (there was a fire on the roof, fortunately without major consequences, and the show was interrupted for about ten minutes until they managed to put it out), streamer, glitter, choreography, screens presented to guests of each theme.

And those songs that undoubtedly helped establish reggaeton as an original genre all over the planet, who likes it.

Thus the ancient hymns paraded: What happened happened (2004), It lifted me up (2007), We are from the street (2008), Limbo (2012) Slowly (2017) and of course Gas (2010) to the most recent, such as x last time (2022), with a letter that says:

Ee-ese, that ass is bigger than yesterday, than yesterday, than yesterday, I-I-want a test, a test- That, that ass is bigger, it’s bigger (a test-, a test-) It’s bigger than yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday (I want proof).

Dance Dance Dancereleased in 2020 in collaboration with J Balvin, Farruko and Ozuna (Mami come to the code, With the solid perreo, I dedicate this to you because you release stress, you get closer to the perimeter and break the thermometers, if you open the road I park the train. I love how he does it, when you dare, he had that hidden attitude, hey) To separate (2019, with Bad Bunny) in which he sings:

What she wants is to fuck, hesitate Alone to break the club What she want is to fuck, hesitate (Chichichium) Go all the way down, go all the way down without stopping “Easy” (2019 with Snow): Easy, I wanna see how she shakes it Move that poom-poom, girl (Girl) She’s a killer, when she dances she wants the whole world to see her I like your poom-poom, girl …

Okay, yes, It is true that Daddy Yankee will not win any poetry contest. And yes, it is true that there is a significant fixation with the female butt (as the German sexologist and professor says Ingelore Eberfeld -author of the bookThe eroticism of the buttocks”- is a true nalgophilia found in twerking to his best ally (it is curious to say the least to see all that mass of female audience cheering the perreo of the dancers).

And yes, it is true that reggaeton will not cooperate too much with feminism, but this is a tribal party where people have come to let off steam.

In front of an audience largely made up of women, different families, people of collectives of Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and, of course, Puerto Ricodad thanked the show of affection (the inevitable Olé olé olé, Daddyyy, Daddyyyy!) saying that the breed present in Argentina excited him. Much to flow, sandungueo Y freestyle. Lots of glitter on stage but also below.

This hyperactive and engaging Puerto Rican, inventor of the word “reggaeton”, they say, has made three changes of clothes, has tried some basic steps with his dance team, has been very happy with the displays of affection inside and outside the show, he interacted with some of his musicians and the DJ and also had the pleasure of bringing several fans to the stage.

Nice to the core, he also had time to advise his audience: “if I did it, you can do it too, follow your dreams”. And judging by the results maybe we should listen to him.

the winner

The big boss managed to become a true legend, and He has won five Latin Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 17 Lo Nuestro Awards, 4 Latin American Music Awards and 6 ASCAP Awards. among others. He has his own record label, El Cartel Records, and has produced several artists (Nick Jam among them). She sang along with such luminaries as Janet Jackson, Nile Rodgers (Chic), Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Marc Anthony, Luis Fonsi and Katty Perry.

We will have to see after this tour (it lasts almost 6 months in total and will end in Mexico on December 4th) whether Daddy Yankee withdraws, in fact, or can no longer stage the withdrawal syndrome. Judging by the energy, the millions of views on his videos, the streaming downloads and the awards, it’s very likely he’ll be dad for a while. And reggaeton. Y twerking.

who likes …


Source: Clarin


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