Pía Slapka’s pain in remembering her hard childhood: “I have wounds that will always be there”

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During his visit to PS: can we talk? (Telefe, Saturday at 10pm), the model and presenter Pía Slapka confessed and talked about her hard childhood.

Andy Kusnetzoff asked those who suffered from shortcomings during their childhood to come forward and Pía did not hesitate to tell his story.

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“I have a cool memory of that since I was four there was a hostile situation between my parents, it was not good “began by saying the model and the host of the afternoon of the ninth (Saturday and Sunday at 2pm).

“I remember they met me with my brothers to tell us they were going to separate. It didn’t happen. My parents were separated but they lived in the same house and with an economic cyclothymia that has generated total inattention in many respects “she continued, explaining in detail that the bad relationship between her parents affected her and her five siblings.

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“There was no food … I remember going to school and when I came home to try lunch … there was nothing. I questioned them for a long time. I wondered ‘how wrong they were not to pay attention to this, something so basic in raising a child’ “he reflected.

Very moved, Pía condemned: “I did not want to cry, they are wounds that are believed to have healed but obviously not, but well yes, I took care of part of my family when I was very young ”.

The host of the Telefe cycle noted that her beginning in modeling was the way to satisfy certain needs of her and her family.

“I went to work when I was very young. I took modeling as a job because it allowed me to move forwardI take care of my family and not only economically, but in all respects. Modeling wasn’t a game. I needed the money “she added, through tears.

Then, Pía noted that her younger brother, Iván, lived with her for a long time: “I ended up raising my little brother. He’s like a son, but I tried to get out of that place because he had his mother. “

And he condemned: “I questioned my parents a lot for not paying attention to something so basic in raising a child, and over time I learned to forgive them and understand that they did what they could “.

“Those are traces that remain. I know those scars are there. I am aware that I have wounds that will always be there. Whenever there are injuries, a scar remains. There it stops because it causes pain, but there are scars, “he concluded.


Source: Clarin

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