Charly García will exhibit his paintings for the first time

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Under his full name, Carlos Alberto García Moreno, the POPA art gallery and the Make Art Not War Foundation have announced that Charly García will exhibit his pictorial works for the first time as part of ArteBA 2022.

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Charly García’s interest in painting has always been known and he himself has made known some of his designs. Also, the cover of his latest album to date –Randomsince 2017- was made by the musician himself.

He also painted an acrylic which was the back cover of the album Combed plays Garciain which Roberto Pettinato performed pieces by Charly, and also in some with the participation of García.

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What It was not known that he had a collection of works which could be formally exposed.

How do you define your work?

In the exhibition catalog, the philosopher Dani World tries to explain Charly García’s pictorial universe, in this quote:

“As a painter, Garcia represents an artistic movement that has had almost no impact in our country, the art brut. The wild images that attempt against the outlines and clear meanings that Charly paints are reminiscent of images of schizophrenic subjects, which for some decades have been considered works of art like any other …

“But Charly’s painting, as well as his musical work from the 90s, is a painting for which color, scratches and stains are enough …

“The images of” brute art “are like translations of the unconscious into a language that exists only in those images …

Charly’s paintings are raw. In the garbage scratch it is as if the hand itself (if it were the unconscious in the hand) painted and colored without any symbolism or mediation …

“In the album of SNM (Don’t say anything more) the illustrations are already attributed to Charly García. The scratch already stands out on that CD. Darkness and scratches, a good way to represent that menemic society who at that moment fully enjoyed the modernizing party, even if it did so on the ruins and misery of half the population …

“Although Charly does not cause the same revolution in painting that he tried to unleash in music, it is possible to think that his pictorial work accompanies this dissolute search of the musical tradition. They realize the same self. It is hoped that there will be an exhibition of that pictorial work that, for now, we know in a fragmented and subordinate way “.

Where and when to see Charly’s works

POPA Galería will be at Stand C23 UTOPIA at the Costa Salguero Center (halls 1, 2, 3 and 4) in Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 1221, from 7 to 9 October from 12 to 20. the curation of the works of Charly García belongs to Rodolfo Johannes.

While, a new music album by Charly is awaited with great anticipationwhich apparently had already been recorded and would be in its final mixing and mastering stage.

Some of the musicians who played with him on this new album, such as drummer Fernando Samalea, consider him there are at least four big hits in his new production.

But Charly doesn’t finish delivering it. It is understood, he is the author of the sentence that the albums “do not end, they are abandoned”as you can always keep working on it and adding a few more layers.

On 23 October Charly will be 71 years old. At his first exhibition as a painter, it would be ideal if he added the release of his new album as well.

Source: Clarin

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