After the trial: Susana Susana Roccasalvo told about the crossroads she had with Ángel de Brito at the Martín Fierro

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The opening of inflexible (El Nueve, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm) was different than usual. And this Susana Roccasalvo opened the program by promising to tell about a surprising meeting she had with Ángel de Brito at the Martín Fierro radio award ceremony.

“Get ready that I will tell you something that has been positive up to now. Let’s see how they will change things tomorrow. But I’ll tell you first“, anticipated before moving on to other issues that occurred during the week.

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An hour later, when they had formally entered coverage of the awards ceremony program, Roccasalvo told a gossip that gave rise to his theme with Ángel de Brito. That was when they returned from a note with Beto Casellawinner for his radio show.

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“I hope not to tell an indiscretion, but since I have worked on it rumors I can do it. Beto Casella and Luis Ventura were sitting together, they told me, because at that moment something was happening to me which I will tell you about later. Let’s see, Beto will tell about it tomorrow “, said the pilot, adding expectation to the edition of blessed (El Nueve, Monday to Friday at 8.30pm).

Then he talked about his crossing with de Brito: “I am not one who takes time on television or on the channel I belong to to talk about my problems, but I will be as short as possible. You know in January 2020 I started a trial against Ángel de Brito for using an adjective against me, taking into account that I was not part of the subject they were talking about “.

“The years go by, the pandemic arrives, we have had mediations on lineSo far everything perfect. A month or two ago he said I lost my mind, but you know I don’t speak. I let justice and lawyers speak, “continued his monologue.

Then he began with his account of events. “The question is the following: last night I was chatting for a while at one of the main tables of radio Miter, where my dear friend was sitting Guido Kaczka, William Coppola, It costsLa Gunda, radio producers Miter and colleagues Graciela Guiñazú for Clarín and Flavia Fernández for La Nación and Daniel Gómez Rinaldi “.

“At a certain point, almost at the end of the party, Ángel de Brito suddenly appears and, I say it in the best possible way because off-screen I also speak like this, he tells me: ‘Listen to me stupid, I was looking for you, we need to talk, we are colleagues, how do you get to a trial?’“, He continued.

“I told him that I waited for him to call me because he threw the first dart and since he never did, I told a lawyer, that he is not my two lifelong defender because he was at the fair, Juan Manuel Dragani, if you could take the case. He insisted on getting together for a coffee and I told him I had no problems, “Roccasalvo explained.

“But what was going on? Two journalists appeared in front and another in the back, I’m not going to name them but they are people who are on television, recording with their cell phones. I told one of them not to be stupid, not to register“surprised the driver.

“The whole table was very uncomfortable because it wasn’t my table and the fact that this character seemed to be talking to me made them all feel bad, they realized that this had been put together by Ángel and the three journaliststwo of them do not work with him but must be friends “, he denounced.

“He prepared the whole scene for the recording and I guess I’ll talk about your show tomorrow, I do not know. I’m not used to being at home at 8pm on Mondays “, Roccasalvo anticipates.

“I want to clarify that there are ten people who have heard everything he said. I didn’t know he was armed, but the whole table saw him because he was behind me when he outlined all this. I don’t know with what intentions tomorrow. he will make his schedule.We agreed that we would have a coffee and I made it clear the same thing I am about to tell you. He didn’t win the trial and I didn’t lose it.“, he condemned.

Roccasalvo then questioned his lawyer. “What happened? I didn’t say it because I waited for the moment to come: when the mediations took place on linethe court sends to Dr. Dragani an email to present the petition for the first oral and public hearing “.

“Dr. Dragani was very busy at that time working on Viviana Canosa’s program which aired at 6pm and in life you can not work in a law firm and a television studio. One of the two. The 60 days have passed and the justice has closed the case “, she specified spicy.

“What does it mean? The lawyer does not show up, he has lost the time given by the Justice and then it happens like this: no one wins and no one loses. Thus ended the trial, which due to omission of my lawyer was unable to continue. Final point for this topic. I’ll tell you if (De Brito) calls me for a coffee, “he said wryly.

I hope your program tomorrow looks the same way you addressed me in a friendly way, because all the people of Clarín, La Nación, Guido Kaczka, Cóppola have felt it, all those who have gone through an uncomfortable situation who have not had to cash it. I tried to handle it in the best possible way because they came to me like this … Fixed point for me with this song “.

The response of Ángel de Brito on the networks

Yes, OK Susana Roccasalvo hopes that on Monday evening de Brito will use his space in THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) to answer, the driver anticipated it on his Twitter account, where denied what was said inflexible.

“Is your notero the one filming with another colleague?”he asked himself in the first tweet he referred to on the subject, adding a photo of the situation in which he is seen chatting with Roccasalvo and Kaczka.

He then retweeted people’s messages. One who said to him: “She is always innocent of everything … Don’t even give her 2 minutes of camera tomorrow”. Another stated: “The one he sent to die is his ex-lawyer Dragani. I treat him a little more as useless. That he was ‘busy’ with Canosa … that it was all his fault. Tomorrow you all go to #lam.”

“I don’t waste time”, replied another user who asked her if she had heard it on her program. Later they told him that Roccasalvo accused him of having armed everything: “His mind is the one that thinks about putting things together of course. Nobody cares.”betrayed her.

And finally, he shared a video of him arriving at the Miter radio table and added: “As you can see, I went to talk to Guido, and I don’t see anyone uncomfortable at the table. Everyone at their own rock face”.

Source: Clarin

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