César Mascetti dead: his historic coverage of the AMIA attack

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When it comes to remembering some of the great reports that César Mascetti has done on historical events, there is no doubt that his work is at the top the day of the attack on the AMIA.

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It was July 18, 1994 and Cesar went there with his cameraman. coverage is exceptionalbecause at the beginning of his account of what happened, another collapse occurs and the team of firefighters and rescuers rushes to seek protection.

A few meters away was the reporter from Telenoche, who was standing still to report and even yelling to be careful.

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The video was uploaded by TN channel shortly after the terrible news of his death. The story of him is heard there, where at the beginning he describes that the firefighters are coming out of the remains of the building where they were looking for the survivors. And suddenly he sees a wall of the building collapsing and he can’t help but shout “Look out, there’s another collapse, for God’s sake!”

The text of the TN tweet ends by saying “This was César. This was his commitment. So he told the news.”

The news of his death

Journalist César Mascetti died today, Tuesday 4 October, at the age of 80, after being struck by biliary tract cancer that kept him hospitalized for the last time. He was one of the great news hosts. Telenochewith whom he shared the screen for years with his wife Mónica Cahen D’Anvers, on the screen of Canale 13.

During his career, he has conducted interviews with different personalities such as Salvador Allende, Arturo Umberto Illia, Juan Domingo Perón, Raúl Alfonsín, Carlos Menem, George Harrison, Atahualpa Yupanqui and Jorge Luis Borges, among others.

On television he led The themes of the day; From 7 to 8, The candidate, The mirror, The breakfast Y ship caesar, among others. Martín Fierro won 15 with Telenoche, including the Gold Award in 2000. In 1979, together with the Mónica presents team, he won the Ondas Award as the best journalist in Ibero-America.

He also had a short stint at the Clarín newspaper in 1965 and later continued in La Razón before landing on television and radio.


Source: Clarin

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