Helena Seger, the woman who shares her life with Ibrahimovic but doesn’t want to marry him: “It’s not easy to live with Zlatan”

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It is not easy to live with him, but I admit it, not even with myself. I think I like Zlatan because I face himI also have an important history and I built my career with a lot of sacrifice “, begins Helena Seger and with those words makes clear the personality of the woman who fell in love with the relentless and self-centered Swedish scorer.

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Helena Seger, the Swedish model who turns 52 todayhe was honest with Elle magazine where revealed the intimacy of his coexistence with Ibra and explained how complicated it is to adapt to the pace of the player’s life.

It all started in a car accident in 2001 when Ibra was taking his first steps at Malmo FC in his home country of Sweden. And, while he was not the animal of the finish line we met later, his juicy contract already allowed him to have his first Ferrari (over the years he will add a real collection of luxury cars that includes five of the Italian brand, a Lamborghini Urusa Porsche 918 Spidera Almost $ 5.5 million Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale…) and brought the world forward.

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The first impression? It was like this: “He had parked his Ferrari badly in Malmö. I had done it in such a way prevented my Mercedes from leaving. I threw myself brutally at him and ordered him to immediately withdraw his car. But I think he saw something he liked, “said the woman, who was 32 at the time and Zlatan 21.

Despite that first clash of planets, Ibrahimovic and Seger have been together for 20 years and have managed to consolidate a family with two children: Maximilian and Vincent, aged 16 and 14 respectively. However, marriage was never an option on the table and the Swede has a clear and firm explanation on the subject.

“Getting married could disturb my sense of independence. I don’t want to be labeled just a player’s wife or a beauty pageant winner.. I think people don’t know how much I’ve studied, worked and fought, “said Helena Seger, who tries to keep her footprint away from her partner’s fame.

Helena was born on August 25, 1970 in Lindesberg, Sweden, she is 52 years old, ten years older than the Swedish star. And the fact of not being “her woman” are not just words. Helena is a supermodel in her country and in Europe. In addition, she studied marketing and economics and is a successful woman in business.

Photos of Helena and Zlatan

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