Home Entertainment Vigilante, horror series starring Naomi Watts, is at the top of the week’s recommendations

Vigilante, horror series starring Naomi Watts, is at the top of the week’s recommendations

Vigilante, horror series starring Naomi Watts, is at the top of the week’s recommendations


Traffic warden

Premiere Thursday, on Netflix.

Naomi Watts and Bobby Carnevale are the protagonists of the new horror series created by Ryan Murphy. After moving into their dream home in the suburbs, life becomes hell for the Brannocks. The threatening letters of those who call themselves “the Vigilante” they are just the beginning, as each neighborhood secret that comes to light is more sinister than the last.

Based on the true story of the infamous “Guardian’s house” in New Jersey.


From Wednesday, available on Star +.

Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) is a young haute cuisine chef who returns to Chicago to manage the family sandwich shop. To raise the profile of the sandwich shop, she has to contend with a rough and ready kitchen team who ultimately turns out to be her chosen family.

Comedy starring the actor of the series Shamelessalong with Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ayo Edebiri and Abby Elliott, among others.

Holy Family

From Friday 14, available on Netflix.

New Spanish series from the creator of the house of flowers. A family that hides a shocking secret resumes its life in Madrid. But the past begins to haunt them with their new connections. protagonist of the drama Najwa Nimri, Álex García, Laura Laprida, Alba Flores, Macarena Gómez and Álvaro Rico. With a screenplay by Manolo Caro, Fernando Pérez and María Miranda.


Friday the first three episodes on Apple TV +.

New drama series starring charlie hunnam. Follow fugitive Lin Ford as he tries to get lost in the vibrant and chaotic Bombay of the 1980s. Alone and in an unknown city, Lin struggles to avoid the troubles he is escaping from. After falling in love with the enigmatic Karla (Antonia Desplat), Lin has to choose between freedom or love and the complications that come with it..

big shot

From Wednesday, on Disney +.

second season of the sports comedy about a college basketball coach who, after being fired, takes over the leadership of a college women’s team. In this episode, Marvyn (John Stamos) wants his team to be broadcast on ESPN and to achieve this he decides to take on the controversial beach volleyball figure Ava (Sara Echeagaray).



Friday 14, on Star +.

A fresh and comical twist on William Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet, told from the perspective of Rosalina (Kaitlyn Dever), Juliet’s cousin, who is also Romeo’s recent love interest. Heartbroken when Romeo (Kyle Allen) meets Julieta (Isabela Merced) and starts chasing her, Rosalina plans to thwart her famous romance in order to get her son back.

Mr. Gardel

Premiere, Friday 14, on Disney +.

Musical special that comes from an anecdote that has been circulating on the Internet for several years and tells an alleged meeting between Carlos Gardel and Frank Sinatra. According to the myth, in 1934 Gardel appeared on NBC in New York and was introduced to a young admirer who was none other than Frank Sinatra at 19eager to meet the “great baritone of River Plate”.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

Premiere Friday, on Netflix.

Netflix family comedy to anticipate the Halloween celebrations. A father and his daughter must work as a team to save the city from Halloween decorations, which have begun to come to life and cause chaos thanks to an ancient spirit. With Marlon Wayans and Priyah Ferguson, of Stranger Things.

I’ll have fun

From Friday, on Amazon Prime Video.

David Serrano directs this Hispano-Mexican musical adventure starring Raul Arevalo, Karla Souza and Dani Rovira. Set between the 1980s and the present, two friends in love since childhood have the opportunity to realize their impossible love in the present.

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