Ana Rosenfeld told the details of the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi: “He does not want to separate”

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Ana Rosenfeld counted this Saturday details of the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. The media lawyer confirmed that he had already signed the separation of assets, said that his client and close friend had already obtained a new apartment in Turkey, the country where the football player currently works, and insisted that Rosario put ” a little bit of resistance “everything about the end of the marriage.

“They’re separated. Wanda has made it public so I can repeat it. They signed what is called the separation. They are there a bit of resistance from Mr. Mauro Icardi. She doesn’t want to part ways, “Rosenfeld commented after the question she asked about it from Mirtha Legrad during her program. “Mirtha’s night“, broadcast by El Trece.

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The lawyer, invited together with Flor de la V, Paz Martínez, Aníbal Pachano and Vicky Xipolitakis, insisted: “What came out is reality, he said they had signed the separation of assets and that each managed their own marriage and I could continue to generate (money). “

As for the bond that still unites them, in addition to having two daughters in common, Rosenfeld assured that “It is false that she is no longer Mauro’s representative“And argued that the model” is also charging the taxes of when (Icardi) was at Inter, “the club he left from in 2019.

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In this sense, he stated that Wanda made contracts “with his club” and clarified: “What happens is that in every country where Mauro proposes himself as a player, there is a person who has contacts”.

In the case of Paris Saint Germain it was (Pablo) Cosentino, in the case of Turkey he was a Russian with an Italian, and in the case of Inter he was also an Italian. What Wanda does is formalize the contractual and economic part.

Despite everything, Rosenfeld dedicated some praise to Icardi. “I love Mauro, he is an excellent father”, he defined.

“It was very nice when Wanda separated from Maxi, Mauro played a very important role in the education and upbringing of the boys because she took on an important role in the education of the children, also from an economic point of view, because the first years were very difficult for Wanda ”, he appreciated.

New home for Wanda in Turkey

The news of Icardi al Galatasaray forced the entire family to move from France to Turkey, where they will remain despite the separation, albeit now in different homes.

They’ve already rented the apartment where Wanda is going to live. She was in an Istanbul hotel until this week when she returns from London where she traveled to bring the kids to Maxi (they have three children). On the way back she will live in an apartment in the same tower, ”Rosenfeld said.

Before Legrand’s question, the lawyer also referred to the relationship between Wanda and L-Gante: «They get along well, they are friends. I’m fine with it.”

“They work together, they talk to each other every day for work and also for friendly reasons. But in a couple of years… ”Rosenfeld slid into the same chair where the benchmark for cumbia 420 just short of confirming that there was something between the two.


Source: Clarin

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