Thiago’s request for “Big Brother” after his father’s arrest

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The arrest of Julio Ricardo Medina, the father of Tiago from Big Brother (Telefe), shocked all followers of the hit reality show. However, a Message of the aforementioned participant in the elimination gala this Sunday made it clear that, at the moment, he is not aware of what happened outside the home.

In detail, the young man Gonzalez Catan made him a Special Request a Santiago del Moro in this Sunday’s broadcast that showed the position taken by the production of the cycle around the scandal that his family is experiencing. Is that, for the uninitiated, one of the competitor’s sisters, Camila Ayelen Denizhe denounced his father for “blows and threats” and was arrested.

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It is worth clarifying that Del Moro talked about it at the beginning of the program. “Obviously I wanted to clarify something, please for a minute … As is known, and as has happened in the last few hours with Thiaguito’s familywe wanted to communicate it to all of you the production of the whole program follows the corresponding protocol that is given in these cases“said the TV host.

And he continued: “We are in permanent contact with the him all the support and the appropriate follow-up for this delicate situation, a shocking factdenounces that it is already taking its course “.

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There has been an arrest with Thiago’s father and the work is in progress, activate all corresponding protocols with his family, and also be present with him so as not to worry about this. We are behind it too“concluded Santiago, insinuating that the production of GH I had already spoken with Thiago.

However, after the elimination of Martina Stewart Usher, the young man from La Matanza showed he was unaware of anything that had happened with his family asking Del Moro to send a special greeting to his father, who had turned years old.

“Santi, can you send greetings to my dad who was celebrating his birthday?”the competitor asked the driver as soon as he communicated the departure of the interrogated participant, accused of mistreating his students.

Since Santiago did not respond to him, Thiago insisted on his request. “He left?”the young man asked, trying to know if his statement had been heard, and repeated just in case, without getting any answer: “I send greetings to my father who celebrated his birthday yesterday (Saturday).”

According to the details that emerged regarding the complaint, Julio Medina he came home drunkhe quarreled with his daughter breeze of the medinahe tried to hang his stepson, Lautaro Caceresand attacked with fists a Camilawho managed to take refuge in a neighbor’s house and a few hours later reported him to the Police Headquarters.

As detailed in Chronicle54 year old man He has been accused by justice and remains hospitalized under the influence of sedatives.

The case is borne by Dr. Soledad Breggiawhich ordered the transfer of Medina to a Jurisdictional Commissioner and entrusted him with the intervention of the Municipal Gender Secretariat.

In the networks, many followers of reality they speculated Sunday afternoon with the possibility that Thiago was called into the confessional by the production to tell him about the situation his family was going through. But apparently it never happened.


Source: Clarin

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