Nequi Galotti is in a relationship again: “I met my boyfriend on Instagram”

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Nequi Galotti, widow of Bartolomé Miter, admitted THEY (America, 20), who is in a relationship again. After Ángel De Brito told it, in an enigmatic format, she went on the air from her home, through a video call and talked about it Paul Hernandezthe man who conquered her via Instagram.

“I’m shy, but happy,” said Nequi, at the beginning of the chat with THEY. After De Brito revealed that someone close to him saw Nequi having lunch with his new partner, a businessman outside the artistic medium, at the Alvear hotel, he had no problem going on the air and talking about the history of love that is enjoying.

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I am very happy and very well. I couldn’t imagine“, assured Nequi Galotti. For more details, he explained how the bond that ended with a love story began in the social network.” He wrote to me for four months, but I didn’t answer him, “he admitted. former model, presenter and journalist, aged 62.

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“Never in my life would I have imagined that I would have replied to the message of someone who wrote to me, but he had a very special way of communicating with me and intrigued me. From the beginning, I was curious to meet that person. During the four months that I didn’t answer him, I looked at what he had written to me.

Then Nequi specified: “I began to tell my friends the things he wrote to me and they said to me ‘ask him for friendship and then, if it is out of place, just block it’.

“Who was the friend who gave you the final push to accept it (on Instagram)?” asked De Brito. “My friend I’m cycling with: Lorena. She said to me: ‘I opened Instagram, put your finger on it To follow‘”.

Nequi Galotti: “When we first met we hugged each other”

The story between Nequi and Pablo continued, as usually happens in the case of those who establish a relationship through networks, via WhatsApp. “He was traveling and it was a divine 12 days because he was getting to know each other through conversations. It was a very nice discovery.. And when we first met, we hugged. ”

Asked about the couple’s certain intimacies, Nequi said she and Pablo haven’t spent the night together yet and that she hasn’t left her toothbrush at her house.

In reference to Pablo, he explained: “He is separated and has children, but we have not yet met our respective families.” However, she has already talked about her love affair with Santos, her youngest son, the result of her marriage to Bartolomé Miter.

In his conversation with THEYNequi explained what his son’s reaction was in relation to his new courtship: “I told him I was meeting a person and he said to me: ‘Mom, I want you to be happy. I will never go against it, I will always be. in your favor. Besides, I know you know how to choose the people you surround yourself with. ”


Source: Clarin

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