Star + bets on Argentine rock with backstage and shows by Babasónicos, Gracias Totales and los Decadentes

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Soda, Babasónicos and the Decadents. With those three trump cards, the deck Star + previews tomorrow Friday the specials A total thanks – Soda Stereo, The Authentic Decadents: DNA Experience 360º Y Babasonic: Trench.

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Made by the team of El Bajo Producciones, led by Bebe Contepomi, these new episodes of the cycle Star Specials + provide exclusive access to enjoy the best moments of the showsthe creative process behind each of them and the experiences of the bands around emblematic presentations.

“Thanks for all – Soda Stereo”

The “Gracias Totales” tour was a series of shows in various cities in Latin America and the United States, which celebrated the music and history of Soda Stereoled by bassist Zeta Bosio and drummer Charly Alberti.

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It featured guests such as Gustavo Santaolalla; Adrian Dargelos; Benito Cerati; Chris Martin; and Ruben Albaran.

“Gracias Totales” was the first meeting on stage of Zeta and Charly after the death of Gustavo Cerati in 2014. Likewise, the special is a moving homage to Cerati, whose presence is noticeable throughout the concert through an impressive staging that includes screen projections.

“The authentic decadents: DNA Experience 360º”

Popular band Los Auténticos Decadentes shares the creative intimacy of one of the most important moments of his artistic present: the presentation in July of this year of the trilogy of records DNA at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City.

The production unveils the challenges faced to assemble in just three days an impressive show presented as a 360º experience, the gestation process of the triple album they present on stage, with guests such as Panteón Rococó, Bronco and Rubén Albarrán; and the unique adrenaline of an epic show in front of 22,000 people that traces the musical career of this beloved band, known for its unique fusion of different genres such as pop, candombe, bolero, rock, ska and quartet.

“Babasonics: trench”

It is the record of two shows given by Babasónicos in June this year at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of the “Bye bye Tour” which presents their most recent album, Trench.

With a new and innovative environment covering much of its history, the concerts recorded in the special have embarked 30,000 fans on a sensory journey of this group admired for several generations.

The Star + specials

Star + presents this cycle for all its subscribers in Latin America. The platform also has in its catalog Bios. Lives that have marked yoursthe documentary series that reconstructs the history of leading figures of Latin American popular culture, such as Gustavo Cerati, Alex Lora, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Charly García and Café Tacvba and Andrés Calamaro.


Source: Clarin

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