Lola Latorre launched herself as a singer and showed her first video clip: “You have to cheer yourself up”

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lola latorre and his brother Dieguito launched themselves as singers and surprised all their followers with the video clip of to comea catchy melodic pop song that they perform together in the best Pimpinela style.

The launch of the song, whose video clip is in Youtube exceeded 55,000 views in just 16 hours, it took place in unison over all digital platforms This Wednesday at 7pm

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The letter speaks of a forbidden love between two young people, a boy and a girl, who don’t care what they say, even if they invite each other to meet in hidden places so as not to be judged.

“Mom / Dad, when you want to come, let’s go to a place away from people, nobody knows ours, what else they inventif we both know this is forever, “says the song’s refrain.

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In his tales of InstagramLola talked about the release of the song and was a little nervous before event where he presented the ballad he did with his brother, whose stage name is Jumpman.

The evening took place at the home of Lola’s boyfriend, the entrepreneur Filippo Osanaand included a catering specially designed for the occasion, several large screens and a cocktail bar.

I couldn’t be happier to share a project with you little brother! I love you with all my heart and thank you all for the support and nice comments. I can’t be more than happy, “wrote the daughter of Yanina Y Diego Latorre in a photo she uploaded to her Instagram stories with her couple.

Hours later, the former participant of Dancing for a dream She similarly said that the project in question was something she and her brother had been saving for a long time. “I’m shocked. They love the song, so there’s nothing that makes me happier.”he assured with a smile.

And he added: “We had a great event that all our friends and family came to and it was spectacular. Gradually I will upload everything: from the day we recorded the song to the video we made 12 hours of filming“.

Also, Lola recognized that this is a dream come true for her, who loves to sing but has always been afraid of doing it in public due to her insecurities. “He said ‘I don’t know if I sing that well’ but you have to cheer yourself up and doing a project with my brother is what makes me happiest “, she concluded with emotion.

For his part, the rapporteur of THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm), done in special posts on their networks congratulating their children in this new phase of their life.

“My children! My everything! My whole life! Mom’s little ones, how they grew up and that today they have realized the dream of making a song together is the best gift I can receive as a mother“, began the little angel.

And she added, visibly moved along with several photos from the filming of to come: “That they love each other, that they stay together, that they share is so beautiful! I am more than I dreamed of! Thank you!“. While, Diego Latorre He also congratulated them on his Instagram and reminded them: “I love them!!!”.

Various media figures such as Nazarena Vélez, Sofía Jujuy Jiménez, Juli Puente, Lizardo Ponce, Andrea Bursten, Nara Ferragut and the ex Big Brother (Telefe) Gastón Trezeguet also congratulated the boys on their social networks.


Source: Clarin

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