Florencia de la Ve, against Big Brother: “It is the most hegemonic and discriminatory house”

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Florence of the Vefrom her role as host of intruders (America) is usually very critical Big Brother (Telefe) and now gave a strong theory on the latest moves that was actually.

They don’t know how happy I am because look at the older brother Intruders. We send a greeting to the brothers who always look at us “Flor began by saying at the beginning of his program. And followed: “They ignored us.”

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“Did you see that yesterday I said there were some topics you don’t want to touch on, like gender issues? Well, There was a discussion about feminism yesterday! “he fired, suspiciously observing the coincidence.

“They say that what happens on social media does not go out of there, but the truth is that they are very careful what people saymessages of hate, discrimination … “, continued the driver.

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“For me GH is the most hegemonic, discriminatory house … And the things that are happening parallel to the things that have already happened, catch my attention, “he added.

At the same time, the driver said that Mora, the last one eliminated, he likes the outside more than the inside of the house “He took care of everything he did inside the house and I love it,” she said.

And he also said he was impressed with how Coti and Agustín made such a bad shopping at the supermarket and changed the dynamics of the game. “Have they become the best players overnight?? Aren’t you surprised? “Asked the actress.

“They don’t buy flour, milk or coffee … there is a vegetarian and they only bought meat … Do you think he was innocent? I doubt it. And I have proof”, Flor shot.

Another of the topics Flor dealt with was that of alcohol. One of the house rules is that you can’t have sex if you’re drunkfor a case of sexual abuse in GH Spain, where a woman reported being raped inside the house.

In this sense, the driver analyzed a speech that Nacho and Conejo had, who suggested that with a little alcohol, “Juliet relaxes.”

Flor de la V’s criticism of Mora’s elimination

Before the elimination of Mora Jabornisky last Sunday, Flor de la Ve expressed strong criticism of the reasons for his departure.

“What happened to me with Mora’s departure goes hand in hand with what happened last week, it goes hand in hand with this hegemonic and discriminatory house that the people of Telefe raise ”, said the host of the series of shows.

And he continued: “What happened to Mora, was he doing so much at home? I don’t think he behaved so differently than his other colleagues, he talked to everyone, he has carried and carried as all who are inside do“.

“But why did they spot her? Why is she different? Why isn’t she hegemonic? I heard her talking to her mother and there is a lot of hatred and discrimination for Mora’s physical appearance because it does not have a hegemonic body, “Florencia said.


Source: Clarin

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