Ryan Reynolds’ bad memories of his time at The Mask in South Korea: “It was like being in hell”

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Beyond the unfulfilled expectations in Argentina, the reality show Chi è luimask It is a format with varying fortunes around the world. Maybe he didn’t leave the best memories for Natalia Oreiro, the host of the local version, of Telefe.

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Well, for the consolation of Nati, who also suffered The mask is none other than Ryan Reynolds. The popular actor dead Poolafter being consulted about his experience in that program (Korean version, year 2018), he said: “It was really awful”. And as if there was no doubt about his feelings about her, she added: “It was hell. It was traumatic”.

These days, Reynolds, along with Will Ferrell, presents Humorousbased on a Christmas fairy tale (A Christmas carol) by Charles Dickens, a remake that will be seen on Apple TV +.

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Who sends you …?

“I’ve been doing this job for a long time; you do international tours and suddenly I said to myself: “What’s the strangest sight you could be in?””, Reynolds recounted his adventures in The mask (made in Korea) in an interview on Today.

​​​“This was before The masked singer I was in the United States “, the story continued.” Then someone proposed to me: “There is that show called The Masked Singer, which is a real phenomenon in South Korea”. So I said, why not do it? ‘”

Already in full competition, Reynolds sang Tomorrow, of the musical Annie, unicorn dress on stage to promote Dead pool 2.

“And once there, I couldn’t stop thinking: ‘Why did I register to do this? This is awful! This is really awful!Reynolds recalled. “‘I don’t know this song, I don’t know how to do it’. He was traumatic. The crazy thing is that I was in real hell. “

“Until that moment, no Westerner had been in that showSo it was a big surprise when I lost the mask. “

In the Argentine version led by the Uruguayan Oreiro, there were several famous figures hidden under the masks, such as Ricardo Mollo (Naty’s husband), Fernando Dent (the winner of the competition), Marta Minujin and the former tennis player William Coria.

the texture of christmas

Humorous was directed by a family history expert: Sean Anders (instant family, 2018). In the plot, the ghost of Christmas (Ferrell) is tasked with reforming the dark soul of Clint Briggs (Reynolds) on the eve of the holidays.

Sean Anders is the film’s director and co-writer, having co-written the script with John Morris. The duo is also a producer Humorous through Two Grown Men alongside David Koplan and George Dewey through Maximum Effort Productions.

And Ferrell and Jessica Elbaum are participating through Gloria Sanchez Productions. Paul and Pasek will also executive produce alongside Diana Pokorny.

The cast is completed with Octavia Spencer, Joe Tippett, Sunita Mani and Marlow Barkley.

Source: Clarin

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