Wos doubles his bet and is encouraged to face a stadium of 35,000 people

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Just two weeks ago Trouble He filled two dates at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, of the Argentinos Juniors club, in La Paternal. There were 25 thousand people a night. Now double the bet and encourage a stadium with a capacity of 35 thousand, the Stadium One of La Plata. it will be there December 16 and the key question is: will it perform another function?

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Sara his last show of the yearafter a historic season in which more than 150,000 people saw him live in his shows, he won the Gardel de Oro, as well as 5 Gardel awards (Best Alternative Rock Album, Best Rock Song, Producer of the Year, Best Collaboration of urban music and recording engineering), earned 3 Latin Grammy nominations and toured in Argentina, Latin America and Spain.


Colleagues, enthusiasts, specialists in music and journalism in general have defined Wos’ two shows at Argentinos Juniors as extraordinary, bearers of overwhelming energy, with a production level that exceeds the standard of excellence, and – as if all agreed – they used the term “consecration” over and over again.

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For those who have not yet been able to enjoy that show or want to repeat the live experience, a new date arrives: It will be on December 16 at the Estudiantes de La Plata Estudiantes de La Plata Estadio Uno, Jorge Luis Hirschi, with a capacity of 35,000 spectators.

In this show at Estudiantes de La Plata, he will be accompanied by his band, made up of Natasha Iurcovich (bass), Facundo ‘Evlay’ Yalve (guitar), Fran Azorai (keyboards) and Tomás Sainz (drums), and will present a suggestive proposal artistic, scenographic and musical.

Tickets went on sale yesterdayThursday, via LivePass.

The show in Argentinos Juniors

The last weekend of October, Wos He performed in two sold out evenings in record time at the Diego Armando Maradona stadiumArgentinos Juniors: in front of a total of 50,000 fans, he retraced his unstoppable career with an incredible staging, all the power of his live band and with Ricardo Mollo, Nicki Nicole, Ca7riel, Acru, Klan and DJ Zone as guests specials, as well as adding Melanie Williams and Ivanna “Chipi” Rud on guitar to his band.

The staging was spectacular, at the level of the best national and international numbers that have played stadiums in Argentina: a gigantic stage, huge video screens, a catwalk, special effects and a rarely seen light show, with a grid of capable of fully or halfway descending and ascending, also serving as a platform for lifting Wos into the air and singing from above.

The public, for its part, replicated the overwhelming energy on the pitch and in the stands, accompanying with flags and cheers, singing every anthem of the artist and emulating the most classic Argentine rock recitals.


Source: Clarin

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