How many thousands of dollars will each player receive for playing the Qatar 2022 World Cup?: the figure is scary

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FIFA announced today that it will distribute 440 million dollars among the participants in the World Cup in Qatar which will start on November 20th.

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In addition, FIFA will award more than 200 million dollars between clubs that lend their players to participate in the World Cup, including teams that have played in the World Cup in the past two years.

The Prize pool of the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be 42 million dollars, the highest amount that a world champion has received; four million more than those obtained by France at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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The runner-up will receive 30 millionthe third 27 and the fourth 25, therefore the race for third place, which is often given little importance, has a prize pool of two million dollars, in addition to the medal.

But it doesn’t all end there as the teams find each other between fifth and eighth place will receive 17 million per team, those ranked between ninth and sixteenth will go home with 13 million.

Finally the weakest selected in the competition, those who are among the 17th and the the last place will be rewarded with nine million dollars.

Amidst all these astronomical numbers, the number each player will receive for just participating is staggering: that will be $370,000 per footballerpriced at $10,000 each per day.

FIFA explained that each player will receive that $10,000 a day and his individual prize they will multiply by the days stay at the World Cup.

Source: Clarin

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