The photos of the intimate and luxurious wedding of Alejandro Fantino and Coni Mosqueira

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This Saturday, Alessandro Fantino got married to Coni Mosqueira, his girlfriend since the beginning of 2018, and the country-style wedding was held at the luxurious Estancia Villa María, in Cañuelas. Up to there, 200 guests arrived, who did not want to miss a unique moment for both the journalist and the model.

Since the beginning of the year, Ale and his new wife have been dreaming of this day and it has finally arrived. Very soon, the driver of Stray animals (America) the ceremony began to heat up and shared some photos of the couple enjoying the facility where they will stay throughout the weekend.

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Even if Fantino and Mosqueira were civilly married on October 21st, this time the day has come to celebrate with family and friends. The ceremony, which began at 16:00, had the psychologist Gabriel Rolón as the person in charge of officiating the wedding.

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After that exciting moment, a tent was set up where guests could enjoy a variety of food and drinks, with a varied menu for all tastes, as there were many delicacies of Argentinean gastronomy, but also vegan and vegetarian options.

As the beginning of the agape took place, Alejandro and Coni moved away into a sector of the luxurious room where the press was waiting for them to take the traditional photos of the bride and groom.

And there they posed happily, showing their rings, kisses and hugs, always with faces of happiness and joy for the transcendental moment they are living and that they wanted to share with their closest friends.

To complete the evening, a big party, even dancing, which will last until long hours of the night. As far as she could find out clarionthe party will last at least until 2 in the morning and there will be the carioca carnival, karaoke and two hired bands.

From Fantino’s intimate environment were present his mother, Chita, who had lost her civilian because she had not been able to travel to Bahía Blanca, and her son Nahuel, who was accompanied by his girlfriend. Furthermore, he was accompanied by his group of friends and work, including Sergio Figliuolo, known as il Tronco.

Furthermore, some celebrities attended the big event organized by the wedding planner Paola Landa. Some of the celebrities that were in attendance included Pamela Davidarrived accompanied by her husband, president of América TV, Daniel Villa; also participated Luly Drozdek; the journalist Daniel Mollo, who was Ale’s companion when he wrote in the Boca campaign.

For her part, Coni was accompanied by a large group of friends and their relatives who had come from Bahía Blanca for this special occasion.

On October 21, Alejandro and Coni went to the registry office in Bahía Blanca, where she comes from, and there they signed the papers for the intimate ceremony. That day the model announced: “The civilian was small, for the underwear, but the party will be bigger. We started with 150 guests and are already reaching 200”.

On that occasion, encouraged by the marriage, Fantino was also enthusiastic about the idea of ​​expanding the family: “God willing and all goes well, I would like to start looking for a child with Coni next year”. Will they be the next plans of this glittering couple?

Source: Clarin

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