Juana Viale flashed the full note with Coldplay and opened up about rumors of a fight with Bebe Contepomi

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Coldplay’s historic ten-concert tour of Argentina concluded with the exclusive interview that its leader, Chris Martinand the guitarist Johnny Buckland they had with Juana Viale and Bebe Contepomi and that Telenoche broadcast on Tuesday.

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Even though the speech lasted nearly half an hour, what was shown on the El Trece newscast was barely far ahead. This Sunday the edition of the complete note could be seen in the At lunch with Juanathe cycle that Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter leads today.

The program started after 1.45pm. Viale entered the studio dressed in a Gino Bogani suit and with the theme Live the lifein line with what would later be seen. The designer came in to show off his platinum Konex award.

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“We have a marathon program,” said Juana, of the challenge of put the complete note with the British group and its emblematic lunch in the same broadcast with guests.

“No one was, but everyone was talking”he published first, in an ironic tone on the friction rumors with Bebe Contepomi for a matter of ego.

Juana thanked those who gave her the opportunity to do the interview. “I was very nervous. When they appeared as in slow motionI thought ‘I won’t be able to’”, confessed the hostess.

The table as a preview of the interview

Before broadcasting the speech, presented a preview backstage summary of the note and band shows. Then his Sunday guests began to come in. The first was Joaquin Levintonlead singer of Turf.

The businessman followed daniel grinbank and the reporter carolina loving. Then he entered himself Count meand both they were in charge of denying any battle for the note with Coldplay. The last to enter was the journalist specializing in economics Claudius Zukhovicki.

At the table, Bebe previewed the interview a bit. “They called us three or four days before. It was Sunday before. Then they switched it to Monday,” she began. And she added: “It’s those banknotes that don’t serve tickets, they don’t serve to sell records. It was a note requested by them to thank”.

Shortly before the note, Viale said he gave two gifts to the “Coldplay boys”: a donation of one thousand square meters of native forest; and a photo that shows Patagonia on one side and shows the environmental disaster caused by shrimp fishing.

and I thought it was the first time a band of Coldplay’s caliber has planted a flag of caring for the environment. He immediately put the first part of the message on the screen, which began with Viale apologizing to Martin and Buckland his low level of English.

The Coldplay interview

From the very beginning, both have talked about friendship as what keeps the band together after so many years. Martin said it the four members of Coldplay participate in whatever is decided in their shows: from songs, lights and images. “It has to be a whole,” she summed up.

Viale asked about the rainbow-colored lights that illuminate his concerts. And Martin revealed a curious anecdote: “The idea of ​​luminous bracelets started ten years ago through a sex toy designer”.

Then they talked about the decision to play of light music in all shows on this tour and the previous one. “Honestly: this is the best song of the concert”, he assured. “It’s a lesson in humility. Because when we feel like rock stars, we play it. We do it out of respect and also because we love him,” she added.

“The songs we play at concerts now, 25 years later, are the best,” said the Coldplay frontman. And he referred idyll with Argentina: “We have a very close relationship with many Argentines, because it’s easy to feel their warmth,” he said. “They’re a little more open,” she said in clear Spanish.

Bebe wanted to know who she thought would win the World Cup in Qatar. Chris Martin had a little footballing response: “I think England and Argentina will reach the final. We will park 3-3 and go to regular time. After penalties, no one will miss a penalty; the match will last 10 years and they will have to share the cup”, he said in a solomonic tone.

Finally, Coldplay thanked the Argentinians, “the best audience in the universe” and said they couldn’t wait to go back.

Returning from the note, Bebe and Viale embraced and once again denied any quarrel. The presenter ruled: “I’m tired of mediocre people who talk stupidly…”.

Source: Clarin

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