Checo Pérez, very tough and relentless against Max Verstappen in Formula 1: “If he has two championships it’s thanks to me”

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Diplomacy is over Red Bull. Sergio Perez very harshly accused Max Verstappen because the Dutchman didn’t let it pass so that the Mexican could score more points in his fight for second place in the Formula 1. “I am very surprised. If you have two championships, it’s thanks to me “, condemned Czech after the São Paulo Grand Prix.

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The anger of the only Latino driver in the top category was due to the fact that his fight with charles leclerc Accompanying Verstappen in the 2022 championship was complicated because after the safety car came on at the end of the race, he stayed on the medium tyres. And the car had no pace against the Ferrari nor against him Alpine from Fernando Alonsowho surpassed it.

The surprise came when Verstappen accounted for Pérez as well and received a squad order from Red Bull: “If you can’t pass Alonso, let Checo pass”. The Dutch did not beat the Spanish, but preceded the Mexican in Interlagos, where they beat the English George Russell he won his first GP.

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Not even Red Bull could believe what happened at the end of the race when Verstappen received a penalty for touching damage Lewis Hamilton. “You already know how it is with Max,” the Briton ironically summed up after his second place in Interlagos.

As soon as he crossed the line and saw the checkered flag in seventh place, Pérez said on the radio: “Thanks for that, guys”, in apparent thanks to the team’s request for Verstappen to let him pass.

“Sorry, Checo,” they answered the Mexican. And the Latin American demolished Max: “This Shows Who He Really Is”.

What did Verstappen reply when they told him to let him pass on the radio? “I said it before. Don’t tell me again. Did I make myself clear? I explained my reasons for saying what I think.”

When Checo helped Max

It has a lot of samples Czech Pérez to prove he has helped Verstappen the most since arriving at Red Bull. And the most evident case was in the decisive race for the 2021 title in Abu Dhabi.

The Mexican was responsible for Hamilton’s delay in last year’s final race. He did everything he could to avoid being overtaken by the Briton and helped Verstappen close the gap to him. Authentic teamwork and solidarity with his partner.

Czech it’s a legend”Verstappen praised him at the time for giving him a gigantic hand on his way to his first consecration in Formula 1. And Gianpiero Lambiase, the Dutchman’s engineer, supported the idea: “An absolute animal”.

Pérez expressly clarified, immediately, what generated Verstappen’s attitude: “I’m very surprised, especially for everything I’ve done for him. I don’t understand your reasons.”

After the São Paulo Grand Prix, Leclerc and Pérez each add 290 points in the drivers’ championship. Who will accompany Max Verstappen? We will know on Sunday 20 in Abu Dhabi, as soon as the last Grand Prix of the season ends.

Source: Clarin

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