Home Entertainment Flor de la Ve stopped Laura Ubfal in full swing

Flor de la Ve stopped Laura Ubfal in full swing

Flor de la Ve stopped Laura Ubfal in full swing

There was a tense moment on the air on Friday intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1:30pm) when Flor de la Ve launched a spicy comment aimed at Laura Ubfal.

Is that the entertainment journalist, who is a specialist in Big Brotherhas a column in the cycle of America where Each week it tells the news that has to do with the local show.

In the last broadcast of the program hosted by Florencia, Laura asked the speakers to speak “one by one”. Apparently the driver didn’t like the comment at all and she didn’t let it go.

“The same thing happened with the Los Monitos group,” launched Ubfal, who starred in a heated debate in which he exchanged views with the personal of the intruders on Big Brother 2022.

“Furthermore, the other day they told me of an episode that took place at home…”, said Flor de la Ve. she couldn’t finish speaking because Laura had interrupted her.

“One by one. One by one I listen to them well, otherwise I don’t understand anything”the reporter said.

The driver’s face has changed. “Make it perfect. I like it. Manage my Lau program”launched De la Ve, visibly annoyed by the situation.

“No, but if not, I don’t understand,” Laura justified herself. “I know,” Flor answered and continued with the topic they were talking about, as if nothing had happened.

It should be noted that a few days earlier Flor was interviewed by panache angel at the Gente Magazine Persons of the Year gala. There, the media was very happy with the possibility of being responsible intruders Y He thanked his entire team.

“What a problem Laura Ubfal. They will drive her crazy, they won’t let her talk, they won’t let her eat a sandwich”, launched de Brito.

“What happens is that now it has become hot with Big Brother”, explained de la Ve. “It’s hot with the intrudersThat they interrupt her and won’t let her give her theoriestheir arguments,” attacked the driver of THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm).

“I swear you don’t know how much I enjoy Laura’s column. Laura is doing very well, she is in a great moment. I would like you to come every day to intruders“Florence argues.

The intersection between Flor de la Ve and Marcela Tauro

“How’s it going with Taurus? Shots…”, he wanted to know about Brito. Is that in October, the former lookout already starred in a loud crossover on the air when she got angry with some of her rapporteurs. Something similar happened with Virginia Gallardo in early November.

“Great. But it’s not shots… we’re working. It must have happened to you too with the Angelitas, you have to get used to the job. It’s hard to work with cockroaches. It’s very difficult when they tell you to “change the subject”“Flower said.

“Myself I like it when you say “I’m the chauffeur””, the journalist intervened. “I’m not saying that… Sometimes it slips me,” replied the interviewee with a laugh.

And he followed: “The truth is, we are a barbaric team. An excellent work team has been reached and it is a pleasure. You worked in America, I hadn’t worked so much and the truth is that it is a channel that is a pleasure ”.

“Something happens to me that hasn’t happened to me in other channels: that everything is close. Management always greets youYou always have someone. I like, the family thing, they always listen to you if you have a problem they try to fix it. Everything is within reach,” she concluded.


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