Robert Lewandowski met an Argentine journalist over the Ballon d’Or controversy: “When did I say that about Messi?”

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Poland settles in Qatar and its leading figure, Robert Lewandowski, arrives strong for the competition. He will be – a priori – the most difficult rival for the Argentine national team in Group C of the World Cup. The Poles and the Argentines will face each other on Wednesday 30 (at 16:00 Argentine time) at the 974 Stadium in Doha.

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This Friday, the European team offered a press conference with the Barcelona striker as keynote speaker and there he had a piquant exchange with Argentinian journalist Lucas Beltramo, special correspondent of TyC Sports.

Beltramo, always prolix and argumentative in the opinion panels he has to integrate, posed an awkward question for the Polish forward: in rudimentary English he made himself understood to ask Lewandowski about his relationship with Lionel Messi after the controversies that had arisen over the Ballon d’Or 2021.

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To put it into context: around December 2021, after a brilliant season for the Pole in 2020 at Bayern Munich, Messi was awarded by France Football magazine and thus obtained his seventh Ballon d’Or, the award for the best player in the world. Lewandowski was left without a prize as the delivery of the trophy was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The following year, Messi won and at his coronation Lewandowski’s level stood out. At that moment some alleged statements by the Pole came to light: “I would like his statement to be honest, not just empty words”.

There was a moment of tension after Beltramo’s consultation. Lewandowski clarified that he has no problems with Messi, who will shake Rosario’s hand on match day (both are captains of their respective teams) and replied ironically: “My relationship with Messi? When did I say it? Where? You must have seen it on Instagram. I’ve never said it about Messi. Messi is in excellent shape not only in the national team, but also in PSG. You can see it at every pass who is a legend of Barcelona”. Spicy.

Source: Clarin

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