Rating: how did the last pre-world duel between Mirtha Legrand and Andy Kusnetzoff go

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This Saturday evening, Mirtha Legrand e Andy Kusnetzoff They established the air audience for the 10th time so far this year. The last rating duel before the start of the World Cup in Qatar didn’t have too many surprises.

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the chiqui and its production led by his nephew Nacho Viale opted for a table mixing news and entertainment. To the left and right of the hostess sat Fernan QuiroMinister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, and the prosecutor Jose Maria Campagnoli.

They were joined by Rubén “Cacho” Deicas and Miguel Camino, the historical voices of the palmsthe journalist Deborah Plager and former lookout and singer Marixa Balli.

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The program had a different start than usual. Mirtha took advantage of the presence of the cumbia group from Santa Fe to get into the rhythm of killer candyhis favorite song according to the TV diva herself.

“We are going to start our legendary Saturdays because I, gentlemen, am a legend,” he said. “And the legend continues,” added Mirtha.

In that start, the cycle scored just over 4 points and lost the streak with the repetition of Married with childrenwhich reached 7.7.

the face to face

At approximately 10:20 pm, Andy Kusnetzoff received the “meeting point” to his five guests of a new game of P: we can talkthe program where celebrities are encouraged to make confessions and reveal anecdotes and more it’s in its sixth season.

Andy chatted with vine flowerthe influencer and the ex Fight who just released his latest song, flavor of yousinger Sandra Mihanovichthe urban artist YSY Athe journalist Mercedes Nini and Juan Reverdito, the last eliminated by Big Brother.

The beginning of PH it coincided with Mirtha’s ratings peakwhich sounded on the 8th. But the cycle of the ex CQC it stayed at 8.6 and passed 9 minutes later.

On another night of confessions, Mihanovich recalled the day he was miraculously saved after falling on his back from a stage; YSY A told how she created the fifth step, the rap contest and freestyle battle, when he was 13; and Reverdito reviewed some of his cab driver stories.

the final numbers

This Sunday we knew the averages of each cycle. P: we can talk he achieved an average of 9 and a maximum of 10.7. Despite registering 7 tenths less than last Saturday, Kuarzo’s cycle was once again the most followed of the day.

Mirta’s nightFor his part, he averaged 6 points, a high of 7.9, and also lowered his figures compared to the previous week. Despite this, Legrand’s table was the most watched on Saturday in El Trece.

Also, it managed to rank as the third highest scoring of the daythis time surpassing Pluto TV presents: We spy on the housewho scored 5.9 and was down 4.6 points from last week. Married with children He was on the second step of the podium, with an average of 6.5.

This Sunday, Juana Viale receives in her Have lunch… Cristian Ritondo, Guillermo Novellis -singer of La Mosca-, the journalist Diego Leuco, the chef Dolli Irigoyen and the former soccer player Jonás Gutiérrez.

Source: Clarin

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