Roberto Piazza, controversial: he assured that bisexuality “is a perversion” and argued that he does not agree with polyamory

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the stylist Robert Piazza Genre controversy with his words in the cycle It’s Sunday EAT! (America, Sundays at 15:00), hosted by journalist Mariano Yesse, where he participated as a guest.

After the wedding of Florencia Peña and Ramiro Ponce de León, the program started discussing polyamory, because the host of The bitch loves (America) has ensured on several occasions that she maintains a “polyamorous” relationship with her partner.

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Piazza, after analyzing the looks of the wedding that took place in Salta, declared: “Sexually it’s fine (add another person). I do it too. But it’s not called “polyamory.” It’s called ‘polysexual’.”

And then the designer added: “I don’t agree either… since we’ll discuss it well, I don’t agree with bisexuality either. Bisexuality is a perversion, said by (Sigmund) Freud, (Jacques) Lacan… Bisexuality is a perversion. Not so homosexuality and lesbianism.

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“Polysex I agree, with your partner you can have any… sex”Piazza clarified his position.

Faced with his controversial statements, a chronicler of the cycle has come to a crossroads: “With that argument, trans are also perverse, those who perceive themselves as genderless … the entire LGBT community with that argument would be perverse except than for heterosexuals and homosexuals ..”.

“Are you saying that… Bisexuality is a perversion. The day you find out that if you fall in love with a woman and a man or have sex with both or you don’t know which way to run, you will shit your life either her or he. And you’ll ruin your children’s lives too”answered Piazza.

And he continued: “As soon as your children know that you are with a woman and a man, your kids will throw it in your face and you will ruin both of your lives. I assure you from the Virgin. Remember and if not call a psychiatrist and ask him”.

“I can assure you that it is. I didn’t say it, Freud said it, that bisexuality is a perversion. Full stop, finished”closed square.

Roberto Piazza has received strong criticism on the networks

After his statements, the designer has received strong messages against him.

“Roberto Piazza has just said that bisexuality is a perversion. How can they allow these characters to say these things so freely? Only Piazza is sinking”said one user.

“I don’t understand how it’s still on the air…Maybe they saw who said it, didn’t they?”, “Psychiatrists used to believe that homosexuality was a disease. Come on, get this asshole off me”, “What a Dark One!” , And “What is this ridiculous person talking about please!!! Gross and vulgar”were some of the criticisms that have accumulated in the networks.


Source: Clarin

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