Qatar 2022 World Cup: who is Ghanim Al Muftah, the Qatari influencer suffering from a rare disease who surprised the world with Morgan Freeman

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Ghanim Al Muftah (20) he grapples daily with a condition that he has not chosen, to which he must continually adapt: ​​he suffers from Caudal Regression Syndrome, a disease that prevents him from moving the lower part of the spine and for which it has no lower extremities.

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An influencer born in the host country, he surprised the world at the opening party of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where he interacted with American actor Morgan Freeman, Oscar winner in 2005. Both spoke from the center of the pitch in a postcard that is quickly went viral.

On Instagram he is followed by more than three million people and on the social network he chooses to define himself: “Speaker motivation specialistGoodwill ambassador, businessman, graduate student and official ambassador of the World Cup“.

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Along with Freeman, Al Muftah averaged unit call to everyone in the world and a call to overcome all differences with humanity, which has been interpreted as a local response to Western resistance on various aspects of Qatari culture.

You can see it in her Instagram videos breaking the barriers of their impossibilities all the time: thus, he can be seen riding a skateboard, diving into a swimming pool, exercising his arms hanging from a tree and driving his own wheelchair.

Ahead of the opening of the World Cup, he could also be seen with other FIFA-designated volunteers and some former players such as the Englishman David Beckham.

He was born on May 5, 2002 with a rare congenital disorder called caudal regression syndrome which occurs when the lower spine is not fully formed.

Ghanim Al Muftah’s philosophy: “Nothing is impossible”

He is a famous influencer from Qatar and content creatorwhich has its own website ( whose motto is Nothing Is Impossible, or “Nothing is impossible”.

Instead of letting the disease cut your life shorthe has learned to overcome obstacles with positivity and leadership, which makes him a great character and stimulating“, they write on the site that shows it to the world.

There they detail the route of Qatar. “He is currently studying for a degree in Political Sciences with the aim of becoming diplomatic. Despite his disability, Ghanim lI like to practice extreme sports such as scuba diving, skateboarding and climbing,” they add about the Muftah.

On the site they also clarify that, with the young man’s conditions, the use of a wheelchair would be expected: “But he insists on moving with his hands because he believes he should take advantage of all that he has been blessed with instead of focusing on what you don’t have“. Quite a philosophical position.

His authorized biography says that many people, before the birth of the influencer, had advised his mother to abort him, but “courageously, Ghanim’s parents decided to go ahead and agreed to be there for him at all times”. “I will be his left leg and you will be his right leg”their parents said, according to their records.

on your channel YouTube, with 820,000 subscribersthe young influencer uploaded a video of a TED talk which has been viewed by more than 44,000 people since February 26, 2020.

The young man still has to continuously face various problems, such as the extended medical and surgical interventions. “Despite these routine medical interventions, she sees beyond these days and knows that with faith, commitment and hard work she will be free to fulfill her own ambitions. This exemplary attitude and stance on life has earned her love, respect and the admiration of millions in Qatar and around the world,” they say on their page.

His case is somewhat similar to that of the Australian Nick Vujicic, born without limbs due to a strange disease and who has also become a reference figure for motivational speeches.

“Many times other people put limits on what we can and cannot do, and we have to change fear into courage, one day at a time. You must have a life without limits,” Vujicic once said, from whom Al Muftah seems to have learned a lot.

Jungkook of BTS, the musical bet that Qatar could make

Also in attendance at the impressive ceremony was Jungkook, the lead singer of South Korean k-pop group BTS, who gave a show where he performed “Dreamers.”

Also, she has become a trend on social networks for heryou look like michael jacksonnot just physically but the way she dances and moves.

His name is Jeon Jung-kook, but his name transcended borders and became known as Jungkook. At 25 – born on September 1, 1997 in Busan, South Korea – he is the youngest member of BTS, the South Korean pop group that he shares with Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin and V.

“Proud to announce that Jungkook is part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 soundtrack and will perform at the World Cup opening ceremony. Stay tuned!”, posted the Big Hit producer on his social networks a few days ago.

The South Korean ended up being the musical bet in the face of the notorious resignations of international artists such as Dua Lipa and Rob Stewart, who declined the invitation criticizing Qatar’s social policies.


Source: Clarin

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