The romance of Los Montaner and streaming: now Camilo, Ricardo’s son-in-law, has his own documentary

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Owner of a Dalí mustache, the Colombian singer Camilo continues to push the limits of his career: sometimes as a solo artist and, other times, together with the Montaner clan (he is Ricardo’s son-in-law), with whom he participates in a family reality show . It’s inside his new foray into streaminghe also decided to make his way with own documentary.

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“Going out to meet face to face with a legion of people who raised banners of joy, hope and love through songs, my songs, It was a story that deserved to be told.“said the composer who premiered his documentary this weekend Camilo: The first tour of my lifeon the platform of stream HBO Max.

This work, with similar doses of testimonials and musicfollows his pilgrimage around the world, after the “troubled times” caused by the pandemic, as well as the personal events that have changed his life in the meantime, such as the news that he would become a father (He is in a relationship with Evaluna Montaner).

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From this tour was born Indigo which is immortalized in the daughter, and of Indigo, and seeing it arrive, my album was born upside down, explains the singer.

Public and private

Camilo: the first tour of my life joins other audiovisual projects in which the singer has participated and which have recently seen the light, such as for example The mountaineers (from November 9 on Disney+), a Reality show who delves into the intimacy of his family, also made up of singers Ricardo Montaner and the urban music duo Mau y Ricky.

However, Camilo revealed it to her It has been important to keep boundaries when it comes to showing personal aspects of your life and that everything that was embodied in all those projects was “voluntarily and carefully”.

“Privacy is violated when people enter where you don’t want them to enter, we opened the door as much as we wanted open it and we were the ones to tell them Welcome“, settled.

The documentary looks like this: “In 2020, the Covid-19 nullified Camilo’s dream of performing in front of his growing number of fanswhich he calls affectionately ‘The Tribe’. Due to the inability to reach her audience in person, the global artist from Medellín focused on recording his second studio album, My hands”.

“In 2021, Camilo started his first world tour in Spain, with special appearances by artists such as Dani Martin, Mau and Ricky, Pablo Alborán and Nicky Nicole. Camilo: the first tour of my life follow the moments behind the scenes of those concerts and live presentations”, completes the text that promoted the audiovisual material.

In addition to seeing him in his most everyday facet, he is also seen interpreting his classics such as Tutus, dizziness, first time, babies, expensive clothes, tattoos Y KESI.

His relationship with the Grammys

“That my record (upside down) is considered one of the best albums of the Recording Academy (by the Grammys) is a giant compliment, much bigger than my plans and dreams,” acknowledged the composer of tutu.

This year was the third time that the 28-year-old musician was on the Grammy nomination lists. Before he was selected from the rosters My hands (2021) and For the first time (2020).

However, the recognition of this 2022 to his latest work is a special emotion, since the project was the result of the inspiration that a father brought him together with his wife.

“It’s an album that represents me levels of depth that I had not experienced in my life: I’m made sound,” he confessed.

Source: EFE

Source: Clarin

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