The other World Cup of the Argentine national team has begun: with whom Messi plays the tournament in concentration

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The World Cup begins for the national team… trick! The most popular Spanish card game in Argentina takes over dinners and after-dinner evenings at the concentration where Lionel Messi rest and training for the debut against this Tuesday Saudi Arabia. But these are not impromptu games. None of that. The organization is complete. Trios are scored and a pot is built. Winners will receive a dollar prize and runners-up will also get a cut. Who are you playing with The flea?

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Most of Scaloneta’s players have lived in Europe for a long time. However, they do not condone well silvered customs. Mate, roast and of course “dog face” makeup games. But it’s not just exclusive to men in shorts and boots; the entire Albiceleste delegation participates: technical staff, props, managers headed by the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, and members of the rest of the staff.

The 10 shares a team with Rodrigo De Paul Y Leandro Paredes from the beginning of this cycle that commands Lionel Scaloni. Is that the trick was just the perfect excuse to lay the foundation stone of the strong group that was put together later and which is the solid foundation of La Scaloneta’s success.

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It was Paredes and De Paul who, on one of Scaloni’s christening tours, decided to pluck up the courage and knock on Messi’s room door with a thermos under his arm and a pack of cards in his hand. It was what finally broke the ice between them and gave birth to a great friendship.

Since then, the three have been an inseparable team. “Leo is always flirting a lot. He’s lucky!”they comment from the privacy of the Argentinean bunker in Doha.

As are some of the other trios: Paulo Dybala, Angel Di Maria and Nicolás Otamendi; Lautaro Martinez and Nicolas Tagliafico Y John fifth; Angelo Correa, Thiago Almada Y Alejandro Gomez; Lisandro Martínez, Christian Romero Y Nahuel Molina. In total they participate 16 teams.

How is the system? Each participant contributes $100 to the pot. Each game is best-of-three at 30 points each. The champion will get $3,600, while the runners-up will keep $1,200.

Although there are Play Stations, basketball hoops, a game of darts, billiards and ping-pong and other distractions in a super-equipped concentration, the National team dedicates most of its free time to games, which raise the temperature and amuse everyone, something key to level anxieties in the midst of high competition.

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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