Big brother 2022: with the elimination of La Tora, he once again dominated the standings on Sunday

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Once again, Big Brother 2022, the gala has once again become the most viewed of the day. And as with any elimination of one of the house participants, the figures are usually unusual for a weekend. This Sunday, November 20, with La Tora chosen by the public to leave the Telefe reality showthe score rose to 20.4 points.

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The big surprise – or not so much, given the breadth of the meeting – was this the second most watched program of the day was the broadcast of the opening match of the World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador. On Public TV the comparison between the two teams scored 16.7 points.

Third place went once again to Telefe, with the satellite cycle of the main. Big Brother 2022, the house live did 13.7. He followed it Around the world (Teleph), with 11.6.

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Y Public TV also took fifth place among the most viewed of the day, this time with the previous Qatar-Ecuador, who scored 8.9 points.

In the thirteenth, the most watched was again PPTthe program hosted by George Lanata, sixth overall, with 7.7 points. Another one that has performed well on the Constitución station has been the program it hosts Dario Barassi, They say 100 Argentinesseventh overall, with 5.2.

channel by channel

In the channel ranking, Telefe continued to lead, with an overall daily average of 7.8 points. And the surprise – which will surely cease to exist until the World Cup is played – was Public TV, which was second, with 6.2 points. In this sense, eltrece dropped one step, placing third in the daily, with a average rating of 3.9 points.

The next order of channels shows nine, with 0.9; America, with 0.8; NetTV, with 0.1; and Bravo TV, with an overall average of 0 points.

In addition to those already mentioned, the most viewed cycles of each station were: inflexible (1,7, thenine); Is Sunday (1 point, America); television editing (0.3, NetTV) and nurses (0 points, Bravo TV).

The removal of the Torah in Big Brother

By decision of the public, this Sunday November 20, Lucila “La Tora” became the fifth eliminated from the house of Big Brother 2022.

Berazategui’s participant he left home with 65.38% of the vote. In the definition, Juliana, for her part, accumulated 34.62%.

The followers of the program condemned La Tora and gave it a new opportunity for Walter “Alfa” Santiago and Juliana “Tini”which are still in reality.

In this way La Tora joins the list of eliminated, which began with Tomás Holder and continued with Martina Stewart Usher, Mora and Juan Reverdito.

With the departure of La Tora, 13 participants continue in Big Brother 2022, a cycle led by Santiago del Moro.

Those still in the race are: Juan Ignacio “Nacho” Castañares Puente, Walter “Alfa” Santiago, Maximiliano Guidici, Constanza Romero, Agustín Guardis, María Laura Álvarez, Daniela Celis, Marcos Ginocchio, Julieta Poggio, Thiago Agustín Medina, Romina Uhrig , Alexis “Rabbit” Quiroga and Juliana Diaz.

After meeting Nacho and Cata -his closest ones- in the room, “La Tora” greeted all his companions one by one. So, he left the house, after saying goodbye with a “I love them all”.

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Source: Clarin

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