They reveal why Camila Homs, Rodrigo de Paul’s ex, decided not to go to the World Cup in Qatar with their children

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Before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, versions arose that Camila Homs would go there so that the two children he shares with Rodrigo de Paul could see their father play for the Argentine national team. But she said that for the moment she won’t go and then the reasons were known.

I don’t think we will travel. The truth is that we will see it from home, we will encourage the national team players from home. We will not be traveling at this time,” Camila said in a statement with inflexible (El Nueve, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm).

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At the same time, the reporter wanted to know if there was the possibility of taking the children, Francesca and Bautista, to see the semi-finals of the World Cup. “It would be nice if they get to that level. The truth is I wish they were in that moment, also for his father, because it is the most important thing in his life. But the truth is, I don’t know, I haven’t spoken yet.”

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The model explained that De Paul “He is a very present father” with their children, and who “have recently been to Madrid”.

The truth is that when the interview ended, the journalist Daniel Gómez Rinaldi said that he had coincided in the make-up of the channel with the model and He asked her about her plans.

“He told me “I will settle in Punta del Este and do all the work.” In January, Punta del Este is for commercials, beauty brands and stuff, it’s time for fashion shows. And he told me ‘I will do all the work that comes to Punta del Este’ ”, explained the speaker.

“She has Francesca and Bautista, 3 and 1 years old, and she doesn’t want to travel because the boys are very young. This is what she shared in makeup, where I was with her as well, and she said that he doesn’t want the boys to go on such a long journey and that when De Paul finishes with his commitments, he comes to Argentina and can see them”, added the rapporteur Naiara Vecchio, in particular on the World Cup.

In addition to her plans as a model, Camila will also be venturing into the world of television. According to what they said in show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11am), will be the conductor of cooked, the cooking segment of El Trece.

“He’ll do about five specials by cooked Christmas themed pastryrecounted Luli Fernández in the show program by Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich.

Camila Homs’ gift of love

Since their separation, Homs has blanched only one relationship and it was that of Carlos Benvenuto even if in recent days she herself has ensured that they are not having fun as a couple.

“I’m doing very well… I’m still with him,” she said at the beginning of a note with THEY (America, Mon-Fri at 8pm) from Gente magazine’s People of the Year gala at the Alvear hotel.

However, he later contradicted himself: “I don’t know if they’re separated, but like I said, not all couples are rosy. Capable, not even the discussion, but things happen in the relationship. It’s not always the high peaks.”

The truth is that in the latter note with inflexiblesaid the model she is very good with her boyfriend and that he gets along very well with his two children.


Source: Clarin

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