Jennifer Lopez has deleted her content and profile picture from Instagram

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The Bronx diva, Jennifer Lopezsurprised his followers on social networks by doing remove all your content from your Instagram account and change your profile picture from a black image with no message, for no apparent reason.

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The story of the 53-year-old singer remained empty, and on alternative social networks such as Twitter and Tik Tok the singer also used black photography, being Facebook the only one other than having shared an obscure image with her handwritten signature: “Jennifer Lopez”.

New project, excellent marketing strategy“Wrote in the publication a certain Miguel Angel, an Internet user and self-confessed follower of the singer who, among many others, showed his surprise. There were many who speculated about possible news about the artistic work of the diva buxom.

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consulted by Variety from cryptic messagea representative for Lopez declined to comment on the decision they reset their social media accounts. Is he fed up or is he dealing with a big announcement, like an album or something?

What is certain is that without explanation, Jennifer’s social accounts went black and her highly followed Instagram account was completely deleted. Here, Duki did something similar before announcing his chain of recitals in Vélez.

Are you going back to the record market?

Lopez’s latest studio album, Alias, was launched on the market in the rather distant 2014. Another popular and mass artistic fact associates it with the performance in the half-time show of the super bowl (since 2020), along with Shakira, material that was the basis of the documentary by Netflix half time, which was presented earlier this year. Otherwise, Lopez was in the news for relationship issues.

Let’s review the facts a bit: two weeks ago, the singer of Love costs nothing the celebrations of the 20 years of his album have begun This is me thenreleased November 25, 2002, many assume so His absence in the networks has something to do with this celebration.

The album, it is known, was also very significant for the actress, because some of the themes were born from the inspiration of her budding love story with the actor. Ben Affleckwhom she will get engaged to the same year the album is released.

Among the repertoire of songs included on the disc there are Dear Ben or Jenny from the blockhit that had a controversial video that narrated the persecution of the paparazzi for their love story and in which the actor and screenwriter also appeared.

However, two years after the coup, the media explosion due to the relationship and the joint fame, Lopez would have announced – through a statement – that the relationship had come to an end.

The truth is that 17 years later the couple was named by their fans as “Bennifer”both resumed their sentimental bond, sealing their renewed love with an express wedding in Las Vegas months ago, in July 2022.

Lopez, despite her accounts’ radio silence, at the time did 15 million followers on Tik Tok, 226 million on Instagram, over 45 million on Twitter and 60 million on Facebook.

Source EFE Agency

Source: Clarin

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