The reaction of Pollo Álvarez’s wife after the scare the pilot experienced in Qatar

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Tefi Russowife Joaquin the Alvarez chickenreferring to the moment of tension that in the last few hours her husband has experienced in Qatar, who went to the World Cup as a correspondent for us in the morning (El Trece, 9.30 am).

The driver was broadcasting for the program when he was scolded by two Qatari men to stop filming. “I swear to God I never exaggerate anything. Look what it is, we’re in the desert. The two of them came, they stood here next to us, they wanted us to turn the camera down. I swear it on my life.” he said, worried.

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Then, at the insistence of the locals, the Chicken decided to cut the broadcast: “They are asking us to leave. The truth is that we will cut. It’s dangerous. Now I send them messages.”

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But that wasn’t the only thing, after a while while Álvarez was doing a live broadcast from the Barwa Village area, in Qatar, another man got out of a truck, asked him for his journalist card, covered the camera and prevented him from continuing with his cell phone…

“I wanted to explain to them that we were showing something nice but they told us we had to leave and even at one point they wanted to take away our equipment,” added El Pollo, about the attempted censorship he suffered.

At one point there was a lot of tension in the air and it was speculated that the driver could even be arrested and this filled Pollo’s wife especially with concern, who shortly after the accident turned to her networks to say that you have already talked to your partner.

Thanks for worrying. It was a live scare. Chicken is fine.” Tefi wrote. She then humorously took to the episode and shared an edited photo of the movie poster. “The Angel”in which the protagonist appears handcuffed, but with the face of his partner.

I thought I should have gone to Doha to bring him books and butts” posted the cook in another Instagram story. “I’ve already shown this,” she added and shared a photo of the poster by the fringe with the faces of her husband and hers.

Although then, beyond the jokes and memes he shared, he clarified: “Out of the joke, he just shit his legs because even if he has ALL permits, he’s far from home. I was live. The language is not understood. It’s another culture. And it’s censorship when I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

“Then it passed. He communicated with me and we also laughed. And after a few minutes they stopped him again. Impossible to work and enjoy a World Cup like that,” said Russo, annoyed by what her husband had to go through in Qatar . .

Pollo Álvarez’s resignation after the episode

“What happened recently was unusual. We’re in the truck. We had to leave. We don’t really know who it was because two other people arrived later and it’s scary because of what you hear and see,” he said in a statement. followed by Pollo Álvarez. in us in the morning (El Trece, 9.30 am).

And he added, visibly annoyed by what he experienced: “The first thing I thought was ‘they’re going to jail’ and one important thing is that we have absolutely all the permits and one person gave us the go-ahead to enter the houses and the supermarket”.

“Honestly, that’s it. I want to let the foam down on this and think about the Argentine national team playing on Saturday because yes, it was a very uncomfortable moment, we have everything in order, this is real and they also recently entered a very bad way to ask us the credit and in this case they are gone but that’s it,” he explained.

Source: Clarin

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