Lourdes de Bandana reported an attack of gender-based violence

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This Friday surprised a post he published Lourdes Fernandez, Member of Bandanawho uploaded a photo of himself with a completely bruised face and reported being a victim of gender-based violence.

“Everyone in the building according to him was screaming because he was having panic attacks. If it happens, report it, don’t be afraid”Wrote the singer about the shocking image and in capital letters.

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And he added on who would be his partner for two years: “He filmed me without my knowledge. He took pictures of me naked and without my consent. Or because I got drunk … I put things in my drink and always asked excuse me”. Love is the absolute lack of suffering. Love doesn’t hurt.”

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In intruders (America, 1.30 pm) was Virginia Gallardo, companion of Lourdes in Gender: I lived your experience, who was in charge of confirming the bad time the singer is going through.

“The images are very strong. The complaint is very strong. It touches me with someone who is not my friend, but is someone very close. It is Lourdes, a member of Bandana. My theater partner and myself from the dressing room , Gallardo assured.

“When I saw images like these, I automatically tried to communicate my personal arrival. It is the first time that she has publicly denounced such a thing. I will not say anything that does not correspond to me, I was even just talking to her, these are things that before or later and when she understands and decides, she will tell them”, warned the rapporteur.

And he confirmed that it is not the first time that this man has used violence against the Bandana member: “Clearly it is not the first episode. Nothing justifies someone leaving you like this. I don’t care about the reasons. I was talking to a personal friend of hers, Fabi, and he told me that he accompanies her, what matters is her health”.

Meanwhile Florencia de la Ve, horrified, reflects on the post that Lourdes made: “These images affect much more because today is International Day of Violence against Women. On such an important day, we have to be aware that a public figure is uploading these images which are truly shocking and you can’t believe there is a person who can do that.”

Maite Peñóñori, rapporteur of the América cycle, however, said that last year she had received information about a strong episode in which the singer had acted with her partner and that it was the neighbors who warned the police, but Lourdes preferred not to A. Make the complaint.

“On November 3, 2021, I had received information from a neighbor about a police incident Lourdes had with her ex. What they had told me at the time was that the police had gone to the scene at the request of the neighbors due to of the screams and the beatings. Lourdes at that moment decided not to press charges. It seems to me that this is not the first episode,” said Maite.

Source: Clarin

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