It was learned why Jennifer Lopez had deleted all of her Instagram content

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Jennifer Lopez announced this Friday the 2023 release of his new album, This is me… Nowwhich is again inspired by his relationship with Ben Affleck and is only released 20 years after it was released This is me… So.

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The 53-year-old interpreter, in an unprecedented press move that lasted a few days, had deleted all content this week from your account instagram and had changed his profile photo to a black picture with no message, leading his followers to suspect he was teasing an upcoming project.

New project, excellent marketing strategy“Wrote in the publication a certain Miguel Angel, Internet user and self-confessed follower of the singer who, among many others, showed his surprise. Many have hypothesized possible news on the buxom diva’s artistic work.

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consulted by Variety Regarding the cryptic initiative via social media, a rep for Lopez declined to comment on the decision to “zero” her social media accounts. There’s been speculation right now: is he going to be fed up or is he dealing with a major announcement, like an album or something?

And yes, this Friday, also on Instagram, the “Bronx Diva” released a video in which she recreates the cover of her other album to anticipate the arrival of the next one, in which there will be 13 songs with titles like Crazy in love, dear Ben pt. II or The greatest love story ever told.

discs with meanings

This is me… So It was also very significant for the actress, because some of the songs were inspired by her budding romance with actor Ben Affleck, to whom she would get engaged the same year of that release. ‘album.

Among these songs are Dear Ben or Jenny from the blockin whose video clip he recounted the persecution of his courtship by the paparazzi and the protagonist of in search of destiny (1997) or Argon (2012).

Two years later, López would announce through a statement that they had broken up, and in 2021 the couple named by their fans as Bennifer they resumed their romantic relationship, solidifying their love with an intimate wedding in Las Vegas last July.

JLo currently has 15.4 million followers on Tik Tok, 227 million on Instagrammore than 45 million on Twitter and 60 million on good old Facebook.

This is me… Now is her ninth studio album and, according to a press release quoted by the magazine Peopleteach one “vulnerability” never shown before and is about “hope, faith and a true love that never dies”.

Lopez’s latest studio album, Aliaswas launched on the market in the rather distant 2014. Another popular and mass artistic fact associates it with the performance in the Super Bowl halftime show (since 2020), along with Shakira, material that was the basis of the documentary by Netflix half time, which was presented earlier this year. Otherwise, Lopez has dedicated herself to making headlines for various sentimental matters.

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