The mother of Lourdes de Bandana recounted the details of the violence suffered by her daughter

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spoke the mother of lourdesafter the strong video that the member of Bandana She posted on her networks to report a bout of gender-based violence by her ex-partner.

In the last few hours, the singer shared a post on her Instagram account. She there she is seen with several shots to the face and neck.

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“Everyone in the building according to him was screaming because he was having panic attacks. If it happens, report it. Do not be afraid“, wrote the artist next to the images.

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And I add: “He filmed me without my knowledge. She took nude photos of me without my consent. Or because I got drunk…He put things in my drink and I was always apologizing. Love is the absolute lack of suffering. Love doesn’t hurt.”

Following the emotion generated by the statements of Lourdes, her mother Mabel I speak inside In the afternoon (America, Mon-Fri 3:45pm) and was very surprised by the situation.

“I was surprised by the photo, I wasn’t surprised by the situation because it was an announced ending”, the woman advanced. Furthermore, she clarified that, although the singer had been engaged for two years, some time ago he stopped living with her ex and moved near her house.

“He began to have attitudes that I didn’t like, he was very authoritarian… In recent times they had already stopped living together due to situations of violence outside him, account hacking, taking money from him. He had the keys to the Lourdes bank accounts and he emptied them,” he recalled.

Regarding where the singer is in these moments, Mabel clarified that she is at home, with her father: “Lourdes is at home, where her father also lives, next to my house. We share a garden.”

In turn, he told how the artist is doing: “She is very shocked, very sad, her face is marked, pear, her finger hurts, which for me is sprained. I am a doctor.”

“I think he brutally hit her with a clenched fist,” admitted the singer’s mother. Also, she referred to another episode where she allegedly pulled out her hair and pulled out a strand of hair. On that occasion, it seems, the police intervened.

“When Lourdes meets him, she has an episode, like a psychotic break, she goes out with a gun on the street in Microcentro. He was in prison, the only one who went to see him was Lourdes. He came out with an ankle bracelet,” she said, explaining that all of this happened about a year ago.

According to Mabel, Lourdes and her boyfriend separated at the time, though they continued the relationship later. In this context, she assured that the singer had not wanted to report her partner in order to be able to get back in touch with her daughters.

Also, to dispel any doubts, Mabel explained that the video is current. “He says he was fine and all of a sudden this man usually has these psychotic breaks, then out of nowhere he gets violent,” she said.

“I didn’t want to file a complaint earlier because I was very ashamed,” he clarified. And she continued: «The thing is for two, for there to be a thug there must be a woman who lets herself be beaten. Here they are both wrong. Lourdes is assisted by a therapist”.

“May Lourdes understand that the most important person in her life is herself. I also wish Leandro assistance and that he is also accompanied by his family. This is a drama not only for Lourdes, it is a drama for him,” said the woman. . .

Source: Clarin

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