The hammer, the sickle and a controversial postage stamp: the latest political battle in Spain

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One hundred years after its foundation, a stamp commemorating the centenary of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) is generating in Spanish society a commotion that reached Parliamentit has included judicial complaints and has even provoked twists and turns in the interim measures to stop its issuance.

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It is a stamp the size of a ravioli with a colored version of the hammer and sickle, symbols of the festival, and costs 75 euro cents. The Post Office planned to issue it beginning Nov. 14 with a circulation of 135 thousand stamps, but a few days earlier a court in Madrid stopped him.

He was before the Christian Lawyers Foundation court petition: “It involves the glorification of a political party that has committed crimes and persecuted thousands of people just because of their faith,” they argued.

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“Issue this seal

Source: Clarin

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