Helena Bonham Carter supported Johnny Depp, godfather of her children

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Helena Bonham Carter went out to cash in on his friend Johnny Deppafter the media trial for defamation of which the star of Pirates of the Caribbean he beat his ex-wife Amber Heard.

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In an interview with the newspaper Timesthe actress also spoke about the culture of cancellation and the impact it has had on other public figures and on Depp himself, godfather of her children and her fellow protagonist in several films.

“I hate cancel culture. She got quite hysterical; there is a kind of witch hunt and a lack of understanding,” commented the talented interpreter of Sweeney Todd Y The MiserablesMoreover.

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I don’t think there’s any redemption for people like Kevin Spacey.. But I think Johnny is going through that process. It seems to me that after the trial he was fully vindicated. I think everything is fine now. All good,” he said.

When asked if the trial might be a sign of setback for the #MeToo feminist movement, Helena implied that it wasn’t, and criticized Heard, whom she accused of being an opportunist.

“In my opinion, he took advantage of the transfer. That’s the problem with this kind of thing: there are those who get on the bandwagon because it’s trendy and try to become a symbol of the whole movement », she said without anesthesia.

Support for JK Rowling

Far from the political correctness with which they usually behave in Hollywood, Bonham Carter took advantage of the subject of the interview with that British national media to support JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potterlong accused of being transphobic.

Bonham Carter played the witch Bellatrix Lestrange in the saga of films about the wizard starring Daniel Radcliffe and based on the best sellers of the British writer.

“It seems awful to me, such stupidity. I think she is being persecuted,” she said. “I think this judging people based on their opinions has been taken to an extreme,” she added.

“He has the right to say what he wants. Especially if you have been abused. Everyone brings their own traumatic history and it is from those experiences that they form their opinions. You have to respect where people are speaking from and their pain. We don’t have to agree on everything. That would be crazy and very boring,” Carter mused.

The gap between author and work

Carter knew how to play eccentric female roles in The Fighting Club, Planet of the Apes and in several films by her former partner Tim Burton, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Y the corpse of the bride.

In recent years, she’s also shown a gift for taking on more traditional roles like that of Princess Margaret in The crown 3 and 4. But the interview with Times she was dealing with success other than acting: she is the first woman to be appointed president of the Library of London, an institution with 181 years of history.

Then, in the context of the same report on the culture of cancellation, he was asked to comment on a debate that is extremely topical and at the same time universal: the separation between work and author.

“Is a genius censured for his sexual practices? If that were the case, there would be millions of people who, if they were scrutinized into their personal lives, would be disqualified,” he judged her.


Source: Clarin

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