Video: Agüero’s beautiful dance with some guys from Doha that went around the world

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The Kun Aguero He’s fighting on all fronts. While he intertwines with Canelo Álvarez – you need to have courage – to defend his friend Messi, the former national team goalscorer shows on Twitch, at the World Cup in Qatar, the funniest facet of him, the one that made him and others fall in love. His last appearance? Dancing with famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir and many soccer kids. Look at the baby steps the Kunis have taken!

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“My brother Agüero met my African brothers”wrote the cook to describe a big time between the figure and the Ugandan boy band Triplets Ghetto Kids. The kids ran to embrace the Kun and then, in his presence, they danced as if it were a carnival. Once the boys with the Portugal and Belgium shirts passed, they tore it, It was Agüero’s turn…

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Leg trembling, chest and arm movement in the best Maradona style, another who knew how to give color to football. And the crazy kids followed in his footsteps perfectly.

What a little dance the Kuns did!

Burak Ozdemir, a celebrity chef

Ozdemir has become very popular on social media for his videos with celebrities of all kinds: football players, boxers, actors. His signature move: He pretended to throw food at the guest. Agüero recently visited the chef at his restaurant in Qatar and they recorded a video featuring gourmet cooking, dancing and lots of laughter.

Source: Clarin

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