Poland relaxes before the duel against Argentina: their DT smoked hookah and anticipated that he would not bet on 0-0

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After failing to add three in their opening matches, Argentina and Poland defeated Mexico and Saudi Arabia respectively, to settle for one last fixture that will face them looking for a place in the last 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Depending on the other result, a draw could classify both, but the Polish coach warns they will go higher.

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Hours after being involved in a key confrontation, the ‘Albiceleste’ players enjoyed a well-deserved rest day, during which they had the opportunity to rest and spend time with their families. For the Polish team it was no different: After defeating Saudi Arabia, the Polish coach fired his players and took the opportunity to indulge himself on the streets of Doha.

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And it is that while the men of the team rested before resuming training thinking about Argentina, Czesław Michniewicz He crossed Qatar in the company of his coaching staff.

But while on tour, the DT ran into an envoy from Entire Sporta Polish medium, e confessed to walking through the Doha fairs, he bought a typical traditional keffiyeh scarf and up to there smoked hookah, that huge cylindrical pipe that is fed with small special coals to burn different varieties of flavored tobacco (it costs about 105 Qatari riyals, 28 dollars or about 4,500 Argentine pesos).

“After the draw, the guide took us to such a nice hookah place. Now I went back to that place and took my stick. I liked it. liked the taste”, confessed the DT of Poland. And he added: “We came from the souk (traditional market), its historical centre. We took pictures, we joked. We needed this day”.

Regarding the hours before leaving for Qatar, he confessed: “We enjoy a day off in the city, because we’ve been sitting here together from morning till night for two weeks. Hotel, training, no free time. Sunday afternoon we had dinner with the players and their families. There were not only wives and children, but also many parents. The atmosphere was really cool, very familiar.”

In this interview, Michniewicz assured that this pressure-free day was more than good for Wednesday’s meeting, and even dared to talk about his tense relationship with Polish journalism: “I’m not angry, journalists are angry with me. I pay the price of being normal and after a practice or a game, go up and make a joke.”

Preparation for the match against Argentina

Just as Michniewicz was able to decompress and step away from football for even a moment, after the rest day he had to devote himself fully to preparing for a key duel against Argentina. When asked what strategy he will use against Scaloni’s men, he revealed: “I don’t want to talk about style. We’ve heard a lot about it. We certainly won’t play 0-0, because you can’t play like that against Argentina.”.

“He is one of the candidates to fight for the World Cup and he will always find opportunities to score something in the game. Defense is important but we also want to score goals. There has to be a balance between defense and attack, and a lot depends on that. When we focus on defense, we don’t have the chance to get a good result. We have to get the ball out with high pressure, do positional attacks, fast counter-attacks,” he added.

Finally, the DT did not shy away from the question about Messi, and said: “We were chatting about how we went out for this walk in the center of Doha. We walked through this souk and saw so many fans, so many shirts and every second is dedicated to Messi. I told the crowd, “Damn, look, we’re playing this to get through the group stage.” It’s a great story. The whole world will watch this match, the Lewandowski-Messi duel.”

“We have collected a lot of material for this World Cup. But between the match against Wales and the fight for relegation to Division A of the League of Nations I hadn’t had time to deal with it because we had the news in our head”. Then, for a week I went to Arlamów with my staff and we did the necessary tests there. 100 percent of the work on this trip has been in this area. Now we focus only on Argentina,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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