Surprise at what they found in the search of the apartment that Lourdes de Bandana shared with her ex

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After Lourdes FernándezMember of Bandana, reported the former partner for gender violence, the police approached the apartment that the singer shared with the man. The images of the location were released in in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 3.45pm) and several broken pieces of furniture are noted.

On November 25, the singer surprised on her social networks with strong video in which she was seen with a bruised face.

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“Everyone in the building according to him was screaming because he was having panic attacks. If it happens, report it. Do not be afraid“, wrote Lourdes next to the images.

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And he added: “He filmed me without my knowledge. She took nude photos of me without my consent. Or because I used to get drunk… I put things in my drink and I was always apologizing. Love is the absolute lack of suffering. Love doesn’t hurt.”

After several days of anguish, the artist filed a gender-based violence complaint at a police station and obtained a panic button.

“During the time the relationship lasted, I was always abused. She denigrated me as a woman by telling me I’m a pancake, that I’m easy,” Lourdes said in the complaint, which she released Heart Barbersspeaker for in the afternoon.

One day he cut my extensions with a knife because he paid for them. Neighbors across the street saw everything and called the police. When the cops arrived, I told them I didn’t want to report him,” the singer recalled in said document.

Now from the American cycle they had access to pictures of the apartment Lourdes shared with her partnerLeandro Esteban Garcia Gomez.

The house has been searched in the last few hours and reportedly I was “destroyed”. Furthermore, it has been learned that it would not be the first time that the man has suffered a break-in.

Cora de Barbieri provided details of the furniture that the police found in poor condition.

“Two-seater wooden bed with mattress with burns on the hips. Three-door handleless wardrobe e broken doors. Box spring two and a half seats destroyed, ripped off,” the reporter explained as they showed the images.

And he continued: “Floor lamp with broken shade. Broken and bumpy two seater futon. Old damaged wooden doors”.

What Lourdes Said After Reporting Her Ex

Lourdes traveled to Mendoza over the weekend to give a show. From there, the singer took some time to upload another video to her and her Instagram account tell his followers how he felt.

“In Mendoza they welcomed me with great affection. On the advice of my lawyer, I am uploading this story to thank you”, Lourdes advanced.

“I wanted to thank you all for the nice messages and support. The one who knows me, knows me, and the one who doesn’t… will fuck up. It hurts but I don’t care”, he later added.

And he continued: “There are many people who do not believe me… The last thing I wanted was to hurt someone I love. I wish you no harm, on the contrary, I even feel guilty. I don’t want to hurt anyone”.

“Except one person who I would say is the love of my life. This race is very beautiful but it is also very lonely. So when you find someone who loves you and… All I want to say is don’t shut up. I took a long time“, Be honest.

“I am destroyed,” he ruled.


Source: Clarin

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