Argentina, against Poland, under pressure again at the World Cup in Qatar 2022: renewing passion or a sad return home

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There are no shifts: it’s about continuing in the World Cup and renewing the merit of the illusion or going home too soon with the pain of not being one anymore. And with Messi eliminated in the first round in his last World Cup?

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under pressure again, with the sword of first-round elimination looming. Here’s how the national team will play again, this time against Poland. Perhaps that pressure is a little lighter, because being excluded from the second game, with Messi in the squad, would have meant the biggest failure of the national team in the modern World Cup. worse than 2002.

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Y the team has heard that message from history. He felt it in his head and legs. She blocked him. You needed Messi to rebel wonderfully in the recovery to infect the rest with electricity and daring. Great goals from Leo and Enzo Fernández meant a release which could allow the team to break free. We’ll see if this is enough to see a version that looks like that staggered of 36 games without defeat against Poland.

The match promises to be similar to that of Saturday. Just like Mexico did, Poland will give up the ball and the initiative. He will bet his chips that as the minutes go by, the nervousness and anxiety of the Argentines will increase. But there is one big difference: Poles have something Mexicans lack. Firepower, they have Robert Lewandowski.

Poland will also start playing knowing this with the tie is classified. He will try to catch something else, but the point catches up with him. A fact: in two games he hasn’t conceded a goal. All responsibility lies with the Argentine side.

How should you play?

It’s easy to say. With patience, without anxiety, taking care of the ball. The main thing is that Argentina must differentiate themselves from what they did against Saudi Arabia and in the first half against Mexico. That bland, hesitant, even slow walk can be a certificate of elimination. He needs to impose other conditions, even from a physical point of view, in every dispute for the ball. Eggs, if you want, but above all you have to put more calcium in them. It’s a definitive comparison, however obvious it may be.

Care must be taken not to give space to Lewandowski or Zielinski and in not committing crime near the area. Poles are good air Force.

It is almost essential that the Messi of the second half returns against the Mexicans, the one who infects, who pushes, who marks the stakes for his teammates. The vitamin put It’s what energizes the team right now.

The appearance of Enzo Fernández It is good news. Although it is not known whether he will go from the beginning or later, but it is almost certain that he will have minutes. The boy doesn’t burn the ball and the effectiveness of his passes can take responsibility away from Leo, so that not the whole game passes through him. The national team has lost Lo Celso and has not yet recovered the best De Paul. In between, Argentina needs someone to generate game.

The national team also needs the reappearance of Lautaro Martínez and this will only happen if they look for him, if situations arise. Julián Álvarez is waiting on the bench, just in case. If there is more volume of offensive play, there will be more participation from the forwards.

Argentina needs to jog his memory, try on the suit of Escaloneta. StTo be that solid team, with quick solutions, with a game that flows without depending too much on Messi. Here, in Qatar, he has not appeared. In adversity it was done month dependent like never before in this cycle. There are explanations. Some key soldiers have fallen or are not in their best physical form. Against Arabia the team started off confident and the defeat swept away all that confidence, perhaps excessive, bordering on underestimation.

We have to think with the codes of the World Cup: a mistake costs money and there are no second chances. The Selection has already used his allowed, that stumbling block that is valid only in the first round. He has nothing else. Everything is played out in one game. The question is whether to stay to renew the illusion or go home too soon.

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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