Russell Crowe misses a perfect game

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Perhaps there is too much going on in the actor’s second film. Gladiator as director. After road to Istanbul (or The Divine Water2014), Russell Crowe he addresses himself.

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Because what’s inside Perfect game (Poker face is the original title, even much more subtle and enigmatic)? Suspense, drama, something in the middle of a soap opera, various betrayals, attempted robberies, poisonings and the columns continue.

There is a prologue in which five boys, presumably late 70s, are already obsessed with the game of poker. I’m outdoors, by a cliff, and when another guy comes along, things get out of hand, because of those things in the game.

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I take a leap in time. Jack Foley (Crowe) is now an extra mega-billionaire, with a worried face. It’s not that he doesn’t know whether or not to buy Argentine stocks, but there is something, we won’t reveal it, even if we know very soon, so much so that the actor in A brilliant mind have a sad expression.

He is a technology tycoon, and after meeting a guru or shaman (Australian Jack Thompson, 82, a little unrecognizable), who gives him something that will be im-portant for Jack, the protagonist is ready . To do what you have to do.

The fact is that Jack calls, after a long time without seeing many, his friends from the beginning, those from the prologue. He wants to hold a meeting, in secret. No one fared badly: Alex (Aden Young) is a famous writer, Paul (Steve Bastoni) is a ruling politician, Drew (also a RZA musician), an entrepreneur. Well the black sheep of the bunch is Mikey (Liam Hemsworth), for which things did not go well.

sophisticated home

Gathered at Jack’s mansion on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, the host makes them a proposition: they can keep the car they came in (he gives them each, worth a million dollars), or lose the gift , but he will continue to play for $5 million in a round of Texas Hold ‘Em, a dislike of the game of poker.

before they think about it The menua recent premiere in which the chef played by Ralph Fiennes invites 12 diners to eat on a desert island, and you can smell something cooking in his hands, Perfect Game forgets the adjective in the Spanish title and shows cards Almost immediately.

Elsa Pataky, Liam’s sister-in-law and Chris Hemsworth’s wife, also stars in a brief role, and if you stop to watch the credits (9 minutes into a 94-minute film), you’ll hear one of four songs that Russell played, Crowe wrote for his film.

Whether or not he has a poker face, the film is all about Crowe: he directs, writes, acts and composes songs.

The above: Maybe there are several things the New Zealander handles.

One last thought. Isn’t Liam Hemsworth 26 years younger than Russell Crowe? How can she play his childhood friend and make us believe they’re from the same generation?

“Perfect Game”


Suspense/Action. USA/Australia, 2022. Original title: “Poker face”. 94′, SAM 13. Of: Russell Crowe. With: Russell Crowe, Liam Hemsworth, RZA, Steve Bastoni, Elsa Pataky, Paul Tassone, Rooms: Hoyts Abasto, Cinépolis Recoleta, Belgrano showcase.

Source: Clarin

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